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One single spin, a life-changing win. Who hasn't dreamed of winning a juicy Bitcoin jackpot? But don't think you can only win big at progressive jackpot slots: blockchain casinos offer a myriad of jackpot games. From dice to roulette and even casino-wide prize draws, there's a Bitcoin jackpot for every taste.

Bitcoin Jackpots - Pros And Cons
So far, we've covered what Bitcoin jackpots are, where you can play them, and which casinos you should choose.

However, we haven't addressed one crucial issue: why you should play jackpots at blockchain casinos instead of fiat money casinos.

There are certainly benefits and disadvantages to both. Let's have a look at them.

Why Should You Do It?
Slots, sports bets, jackpots, live casino games may be very different, but there is one advantage of cryptocurrency gambling that is common to all: cyberprivacy.

Only at Bitcoin casinos - or casinos offering other cryptos - can you truly protect your privacy.

This is true for many reasons and we cover them in detail in our anonymous Bitcoin casino article. The most relevant is that there is no middle man: at a blockchain casino, all transactions can be processed directly between the casino and you, with no need for a third-party like a bank or government.

Not only does this give you more privacy, but it also reduces processing fees and improves processing times, which are often instant.

What's more, cryptocurrency casinos have lower operational costs, which means they can give you improved house edges and better bonuses across the board.

Just think about it. What would you rather receive - a $1000 bonus or one worth 1BTC?

In a nutshell, this is why you should play Bitcoin jackpots over fiat jackpots:

  • More privacy
  • Lower transaction fees
  • Faster transactions
  • More value for money on odds and bonuses

Why Shouldn't You?
Cryptocurrencies can be fun and rewarding, but they come with an inherent risk: value fluctuations.

Whenever you deposit with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies - except stablecoins - you are, in a way, gambling. Why? Because your deposit may increase or decrease in worth overnight.

This can be seen as an advantage - you may end up with a much more valuable deposit, especially if the market is on the rise - but it certainly isn't for everyone.

For this reason, and for regulatory reasons as well, not all casinos offer Bitcoin jackpots. What's more, cryptocurrency casinos are often less regulated than their fiat counterparts.

Tips For Beginners
Have you never played a Bitcoin jackpot before? These tips might be helpful:

  • Don't bet more than you can spend - always set a budget and don't go over it.
  • Always start small - before you become a high roller, try placing lower bets.
  • When playing a progressive jackpot, wait for when it's over its theoretical drop rate - it's more likely to drop then.
  • If playing a jackpot slot, pick one with a higher RTP.
  • Don't forget: jackpot slots, dice, and roulettes have other prizes that you can win!
  • Take advantage of bonuses and other rewards that can give you an ace up your sleeve.
  • Play with common currencies before venturing into altcoins.
  • Always play at trusted casinos and Dapps, preferably with a license.
  • Play for fun - don't see Bitcoin jackpots as an alternative to mining Bitcoin.