Online casino ranking by a license Costa Rica

Costa Rica

  • Location: Costa Rica
  • Trustworthiness: 1 / 10
The Costa Rican gambling license is considered to be one of the weakest. Casino, using such license, makes a mockery of itself. The main reason for a casino to obtain this license is to avoid any political interference in its business. 

This license can be obtained as follows: 

  • You apply for a license; 
  • Authorities conduct the most superficial check; 
  • You pay $15.000; 
  • Here is your Costa Rican gambling license; 
  • Be ready to pay $1.500 per quarter to keep your license active. 

As you can see, Costa Rican government doesn’t care about who gets the license at all. It doesn’t care about what is done to the players, doesn’t offer any support in case of any disputes. There are no money laundering checks, no originality checks for the software, used in casinos. If you get into a trouble with a casino, licensed by Costa Rican government, your only way out is to spam specialized websites and to hope, that casino representatives will resolve the problem in your favor to avoid any talks on the matter. 

That’s why Costa Rica – with few exceptions – is a place, where the dirtiest casinos come from. Be extremely careful when you decide to play in a casino with Costa Rican license. There are much more trustworthy casinos on the web at the moment.