What is casino rating system?

How online-casino rating is calculated by SlotRunners.com

1. Software

Appraisal depends on average mark from the best offered gaming platforms. Better slot providers supported, more points casino receives. To receive higher rate there should be more than 3 providers.

If there are 3+ softwares; First provider + Second provider + Third provider / 3

If 2 softwares; First provider + Second provider / 2 - 1 point (due to limited choice)

If 1 software; First provider(average mark) - 2 points (due to lack of providers)

2. Trustworthiness

Score leans on two measures:

Firstly - type and number* of casino licences ( 8 points maximum for licensing )

UK: 8 points

Alderney: 8 points

Malta: 8 points

Isle of Man: 8 points

Philippines: 7 points

Gibraltar: 6 points

Curacao: 5 points

Kahnawake: 4 points

Cyprus: 3 points

Montenegro: 3 points

Antigua and Barbuda: 2 points

Costa Rica: 1 point

*If there is more than one license, the best license points are taken in consideration

Secondly - representative of casino in SlotRunners forum (additional 2 points)

3. Design and Usability

Evaluation depends on overall originality of design and convenience of system maintenance, deposit and withdrawal page accessibility and other nuances.

10-9 points – unique design with perfect menu and useful button placement

8-7 points – unusual design and user-friendly interface

6 points – basic design and interface

4. Withdrawal time

Mark is counted in terms of time* needed to receive withdrawal:

10 points - less than 15 minutes

9 points - up to 2 hours

8 points - up to 6 hours

7 points - up to 12 hours

6 points - up to 24 hours

5 points - up to 48 hours

*For time-consuming document verification might be removed 1 point

5. Customer Support

Quality of customer support depends on the availability of live chat, call centre, working hours and response time.

10 points Р 24/7 live chat, round-the-clock call centre and e-mail

9 points Р 24/7 live chat, limited hours call centre and e-mail or vice versa

8 points Р 24/7 live chat and e-mail or limited times live chat , call centre and e-mail

7 points Р live chat and e-mail

6 points Р only e-mail