Roshtein Fake Money Streamer

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Roshtein is an iconic casino streamer with his huge slot winnings worth about $9,000,000. Is Roshstein a fake or not? There’s a lot of talk about it, so we’ve gathered as much information about Roshstein as we can for you. So, here we go!

To start with, look at this casino list that we created based on the best online casino brands. We can assure you that Roshtein would be happy to play at any of them and would recommend you to do so.

Very Creative and Unpredictable, Ambitious and Charismatic Streamer
Roshtein is said by many to be a fearless player for making very high bets per spin, from $50 to $100, while others worship him and say that he is really cool and a real pro to look up to. He’s been doing his thing for more than six years, covering gambling news in a lighthearted and casual, somewhat sarcastic way, with a constant chuckle.

Roshtein says that he doesn’t make news for the sake of news, to hype it up. He often covers what has happened in any Gambling community, giving his opinion on the subject. As well as telling about all the things that happened that should not be forgotten.

It’s probably worth figuring out if Roshtein is as cool as he’s positioning himself or if it’s just another fake. You can often tell a professional from a non-professional player by behaviour, differences in intonation, gesticulation, attitude towards the game and winning or losing, or facial expressions.

Roshtein: Private Life
It is known about Roshtein from his biography not much. His real name is Ismael Swartz. He streams casinos and broadcasts during his game. He is known as a high roller streamer, and he looks like a gypsy. He is a member of gambling clubs: "Dlx Casino", "TTR CASINO" and "LTC CASINO" In 2016, he created his channel on youtube (3,847,090 views and 76,100 subscribers). His photos can be seen on Facebook and Twitter, Twitch, and Instagram.

Twitch Subscribers’ Records
Simply put, Roshtein is the king of online slot streaming. He’s been streaming for more than six years, but he hasn’t lost the love and energy he started within 2014. His passion for online slots is still boundless and inexhaustible, and his enigmatic personality is infectious in a good way.

That’s why his broadcasts are always exciting to watch. His personality and constant striving for success have led to Roshtein’s having many subscribers today.

He has about 800,000 subscribers on Twitch, 25% of whom have clicked on his affiliate links and opened a real-money casino account. So that’s about 800,000 users.

If the casino pays him $120 per player per signup using twitch or YouTube casino games streams, you can imagine that the affiliate has brought him about $24,000,000.

Which Casinos Does Roshtein Play At?
Roshtein does not play in one casino for jackpots on YouTube but prefers several at once. What does that tell us about? Well, most likely that he’s not some sort of brand from a casino that’s supposedly being promoted to attract more players to his platform. Instead, his choices are brands with a positive reputation. Therefore, all of the affiliate Roshtein – “with a mark of quality” and without fraud, if it can be put that way.

Roshtein & Pragmatic Play
Ismael Swartz is a slot hacker. Consequently since each of his streams lasts anywhere from a few to 7 hours, he engages in multiple games in a single stream. As a result, Roshtein is bribed with a peculiar technique and big bets that bring big winnings, and it’s no surprise that Roshtein has a particular penchant for casino slot machines for YouTube steaming with high volatility.

Roshtein’s Top Games
If you’ve ever watched any of Roshtein’s Youtube or Twitch videos, you’ve probably come across games like Book of Dead and Money Train. However, there are some of the slots below that the lingering stream star keeps coming back to:

Money Train, Dog Booth, and Book of the Dead.

Roshtein Streams: When and Where?
When it comes to streaming, it’s primarily Twitch, and the Swede can be found easily there. However, there is also a schedule of his broadcasts. He streams a few times a week. Often in the afternoon. And primetime is at 8 pm.

Longest Stream on Twitch
As it has already been mentioned, his streaming and broadcasting can last up to 7 hours, and holding tournaments – 12 or even longer on Twitch. Who would have the heart and energy? – Roshtein, definitely! He also uploads his streams on Youtube.

What’s Special about Roshtein?
First of all, Roshtein is an individual. No matter how many negative reviews, articles, comments around him, he continues to keep his audience as involved as possible, more and more subscribers arrive, and his even the smallest reviews and statements, news coverage of the latest events in the world of the gambling industry are always at the TOP positions.

While streaming, Roshtein interacts with his subscribers, fans, celebrates wins and cheers his audience. Perhaps it is because of his trademark hat and long hair? Who knows. Most likely, it’s just his personality and charisma, which is called personality. He attracts people around him with infectious laughter, positivity and optimism.

Roshtein’s Net Worth
Draw attention to the fact that 1,000,000 was beyond the Swede’s control; one might say extremely insurmountable. But in 2021, he was able to break that point and prove to everyone that big winnings at online casinos are possible and real. His biggest winnings – about $ 9,000,000.

So, Who Is Roshtein: A High Roller or a Fake?
Even though the Swede plays exclusively with small stakes, nevertheless, for him, there is not much difference in the stakes of $200 or $1,000. In fact, Roshtein is a high roller – a player with high stakes that you almost never find.

It begs the question for most players, subscribers and even critics: “Does he use real money or a demo account?” Or is Roshtein a hype scammer or a top-notch player?

There is an irrefutable fact that has not yet been confirmed, but has created a certain resonance on the Internet. Roshtein coming out, namely the fake, indicates that this man is playing for funnies, which happened a few years ago. During a live broadcast, with a certain amount on the game balance, the streamer opened a slot in “demo mode,” At the same time, his balance has not changed and became the same as it was for real money.

So what kind of fair game is it to play in demo mode, passing off a fake as real? Most players confidently say that he is an ordinary fun guy, but his popularity is only growing every day, with more and more subscribers, and the number of fans of his streams is increasing several times.

It can be compared to binary options, where well-known gambling sites pay for the same streamers, who tell you that the earnings are actual. They are possible, what they have achieved thanks to this kind of earnings and what a luxurious life they have, showing all this fake, not being ashamed of it. And all this to bring more subscribers to the platform?

So, there is a Rothstein on the scales: a high roller or a fake. Which one will be bigger? We do not have a clear answer to this question. On the one hand, the rumours are based on specific facts from the same stream. Haven't you ever noticed that the only people winning incredible amounts of money in this gambling community are online casino streamers? But, on the other hand, there's no convincing evidence that Roshtein belongs to casino streamers fake.
He will undoubtedly be investigated and under scrutiny, as a lot of dirt can be found on the Internet about his name, given that he is a public and colorful figure, and perhaps his rays of fame blind many, such as casino streamers, using fake money that has been exposed.

Nevertheless, Roshtein’s betting amounts are very high, and it’s definitely not the average bankroll. So it’s hard to say that the slot conqueror is fake. Nevertheless, his videos can be watched just for fun.

Roshtein Bonus Hunts and RoshFails
The Swede has several programs on Twitch, and one of the most popular is the Bonus Hunt. The latest has free spins and extra special features pre-collected by the streamer from various slot machines, which made the broadcast more interesting and better, using them one by one. It is also proof that collecting bonuses in the main game of the slot takes a certain amount of time, and there are big winnings.

Isn’t this proof of fair play on the part of Roshtein?

Roshtein on Social Media
Roshtein has a lot of subscribers and fans of his activities in the world of the gambling industry. He is the King of Slots.

And of course, as with all public figures, the Swedish streamer cannot but boast of the number of social media followers.

The main base of his activity and most of the subscribers are directly in Twitch. However, you can also easily find him on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

Roshtein on Twitch
Roshtein can safely be called not only the King of Slots but a Slot Streamer-Marathoner. It’s funny, but the latter suggests that he is a long-distance streamer, naturally in terms of time.

It’s not unusual for him to enter live time games at 7, 10 and 12 o’clock. And he always stays positive, risking a lot of money, and oddly enough, consistently winning.

As Roshtein streams online, he keeps all of his subscribers entertained, joking, witty, and always optimistic.

Roshtein on YouTube
As for the YouTube platform, the streamer uploads his videos there. So everyone can watch his recordings to see how he plays and how he bets, how he takes risks and wins. He has 76,100 subscribers on YouTube. However, he doesn’t always post his streams on YouTube his Casino Wins in slots.

Roshtein on Twitter
As for Twitter, you can find Roshtein here, too. He has 71,100 followers on Twitter, and that’s where he posts his judgments, publishes the latest news from the world of gambling, and has a lot of news about live-streaming.

Roshtein on Instagram
Although it was said earlier that nothing is known about the personal life of the Swede nevertheless, it is on Instagram you can find Roshtein and many of his bright and positive photos from his travels. There are about 111,000 subscribers.

Roshtein on Facebook
In a social networking site such as Facebook, Roshtein is also there, but the streamer has recently stopped posting posts on Facebook. I guess he doesn’t have time for it. But there are 10,000 followers.

The Roshtein Discord Server
Roshtein can also be found in Discord. He has over 96,000 members here. It’s a great place to chat with other like-minded people as well as Roshtein himself. In addition to the chat room, there are lots of giveaways and raffles.

Rosenstein invites his fans to Discord. He’s been spending more and more time here lately since the August 2021 stricter rules on Twitch regarding casino links and advertising, and also streaming his big casino wins on YouTube online.

Summary of Roshtein
So, guys, let's summarize. Roshtein is one of the biggest players in the world of gambling; he is the King of Slots with tremendous optimism, vast experience, infectious laughter and charisma.

Is Roshtein Legit?
He can safely be called the man of the era, who has one of the biggest fan bases on Twitch. He is not only an exceptional player but also an exciting entertainer.

With his big bets and trademark high-stakes style, Roshtein has generated both love and hate from a large number of streamers and players. Some accuse him of fake money casino streamers and say that he plays for funnies; others are fully convinced that all his bets are real. However, what is clear is that his slot machine streams are certainly action-packed.