Bovada $5000 fraud

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  1. CodeExia


    Jan 22, 2017
    Bovada did not pay $5000 to the player yesterday. That is his original post:

    So I laid some sports bets down on the packers falcons game and lost my $500. But on deposit I used the $500 match. So I go into the casino and see what I have to play through for this bonus and it is 25k!! Not wanting to spend my life on pokies I dial up some $100 dollar spins.

    And bang! I score big. I hit the 15 free spins at 3x multiplier, so that already is a $600 spin plus whatever I win on the coming $4500 dollars worth of free spins ($100x3x15). The animation comes up, I cheer, and then nothing. The hand ends. No free spins or $600.

    After warring with bovada they finally find the hand and send it to tech staff... and they say I experienced a "graphical error." What the hell is a graphical error on a slot machine??? The entire game is about matching graphical images. There is no such thing as a graphical error in my opinion. If anyone has ideas of how to get paid out for this or who to send it to let me know, otherwise take this as a warning that bovadas pokies are rigged and they can just decide not to count your biggest wins.

    Link to spin:

    This was from my phone, I also have a screen shot.

    I played one more hand, saw I wasn't credited and then stopped. To make it worse, bovada then told me I had an "open session" and to just play some more spins and I would be credited. So I tried like 4 separate sessions to trigger the free spins, lost the rest of my deposit, then stopped. They are now ignoring the issue.
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  2. pepe


    May 28, 2016
    not the first time I hear something scammy going on at bovada.
  3. Kazami of Truth

    Kazami of Truth

    Jan 22, 2017
    Ye, there we some issues before. Not a best place to play.
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