Gambling superstitious beliefs

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  1. SnailOnBus


    Jan 24, 2017
    Stoppping a spin topic on this forum got me to thinking about gambling superstitious beliefs.

    I've made my own list of signs. You are more than welcome to add yours if you have any.

    1. Stopping a spin

    I’m concerned that outcome of a spin is generated when you push spin button. I haven’t noticed any difference in game when I press or not stop button. To tell the truth, there is one difference – you lose money many times faster. But there is a thing I want to discuss about Microgaming pokies.

    a. In sport-themed pokies like Basketball Star if wild symbols cover whole 4th reel, you can’t even hope to get a bonus game. But if noticed that and pressed Stop there is a chance to get it! Is it something about Microgaming random number generator or just my own superstitions? Or does stop but really generate another result?

    Here is a screenshot to make it clear what I am talking about.


    b. All the times I caught 4 Scatters at Immortal Romance and Playboy, it happened after I pressed Stop button. What about your experience?

    2. Bonus game choice

    As for me, the result is known beforehand when you catch a bonus game. Any bonus game can pay the same.

    The difference is the 4th Playboy bonus game pays all at one spin and the 1st at 2-3 spins.

    There may be a little difference but not sufficient.

    What do you think?

    3. Retrigger

    ‘Another one, give me another one!’

    Retriggers make you feel the bonus game will be endless or, at least, you’ve got plenty of spins left.

    In fact, you get plenty of empty spins and not much more. You could get the same win within 2-3 spins, but slot spreads your pleasure. Moreover, you won’t get more than 2 big wins in the whole duration of a bonus game normally. The exception is Lady Luck and its clones where you get paid for scatters.

    4. Coins and levels

    Some players believe if they change coin value and don’t change bet level, they get better wins.

    In other words, slot displays 100 coins when the win is $200.

    I know many people who play this way.

    What do you think and how do you play?

    5. Bet adjustment

    If you change the bet, there is a good chance to make slot pay.

    Many people were awarded with bonus games after they had changed the bet. They are like ‘I’ve just changed the bet and here it comes’

    These superstition looks legit enough. But if you are not destined to win this day, nothing will help you.

    My examples: quite often I got my money back after I had increased the bet at Jack Hammer, DoA, Immortal Romance.

    Do you have such experience?

    6. Have you seen that scatter? We were so close to the bonus game!

    In fact, there was no scatter, it was just an empty spin. Flickering picture is just a picture until it lands on a reel.

    7. When computer runs really slow

    If you get the message at a NetEnt slot ‘Your computer is slow’, you are in trouble!

    Now they know you are a bum playing at a toaster and you don’t have money. If they give money to you, you’ll keep it rather than make another deposit.

    What gambling superstitions and legends do you know?
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  2. funkizyz


    Jan 24, 2017
    Quite often when I lose money at several pokies I come back for another try in 1-2 days. I have no clue how it works but 8 of 10 times these games pay be back or even more.

    Probably, it's just a luck but it has happened to me over 10 times so far. These games start paying right at once after I make several spins.
    The reverse is also true. If I win at some slot, it robs me the next time so I try to avoid playing at it.
  3. pepe


    May 28, 2016
    Always have my lucky horseshoe in my hand while playing pokies, never failed me, I win every time :coolface:

    seriously, I don't believe in anything of that kind of stuff.
  4. africa_beep_bop


    Jan 24, 2017
    One of my friends believes that if he knocks slot 3 times at the right moment he can raise the bet and win. I wouldn't believe this story if I hand witnessed it with my own eyes. My friend and I were playing at a casino and losing little by little when we heared 3 knocks of a hammer. There were constuction works or something nearby. Knock-knock-knock. It struck him and he pressed Max Bet. You will laugh, but this spin brought us a bonus game. Who can convince him that superstitions are only superstitions since that? :redlol:
  5. Doppel


    Jan 23, 2017
    I always try to avoid round amounts when making a deposit. For example, I would avoid $50 or $100. Instead, I deposit $57.21 or $114.94. I've noticed multiple times that I have more luck with such deposits. I know this is a superstition but why not as long as it works.
  6. DontMakeMeLaugh


    Jan 28, 2017
    Doppel said:
    I always try to avoid round amounts when making a deposit. For example, I would avoid $50 or $100. Instead, I deposit $57.21 or $114.94. I've noticed multiple times that I have more luck with such deposits. I know this is a superstition but why not as long as it works.
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    Doesn't help me.

    You'll be laughing... When playing a slot, I find a video on YouTube with the same slot. To a great surprise, it helps :D It feels like I really get more bonus games with that.
  7. chucili0s


    Feb 1, 2017
    It is not a superstition, just a rule to save your money. Don't make another deposit if you lose. If it happes, at least don't make 3 deposits or more. Sometimes you'll get your money back but you'll be in huge risk of losing more than intended.
  8. Santos861


    Jan 24, 2017
    There is one thing which happens to me quite often. If you want to withdraw the money right now, you have a feeling for that, do it! If you continue the game, it's a certain lose...checked hundrends of times by me.
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