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    May 28, 2016
    Oshi Casino stole €1200 from a player by not paying him his 20% cashback as their rules were clearly stating.

    So basically what happened is that the player deposited €6000 to casino after reading in the rules that they offer a 20% cashback and lost all the money. According to rules he should have received a €1200 cashback bonus (20% of 6k euro), but he didn't.

    Casino management confirmed themselves that at the time the player made deposit of €6000 and while he was playing, they had cashback offer clause in their rules live at the website. But what happened later is that they refused paying cashback, saying that cashback offer was posted to website just for a "test" so to speak and that they do not offer cash back yet.

    Here's their official answer

    Hi Audrey,

    We haven't launched cashback quite yet. We wrote up the terms and conditions on the website just so we had all of that covered, but we haven't got the cashback structure fully finalised yet.

    I know it's something a lot of people want and so were making it a priority to get it live as soon as possible. Annoyingly, I can't give an exact date when it's going to go live because there are quite a lot of technical issues we have to get right in order to make the system work properly.

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    More can be seen here https://www.askgamblers.com/casino-complaints/did-nt-pay-1200-euro-in-cashback

    Also notice that this casino already have one not resovled complaint for a sum of €8982 from another player (link above).

    Playing at this casino is highly not recommended.
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