Switzerland casinos will help authorities to fight illegal operators

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  1. pepe


    May 28, 2016
    Switzerland government has plans to engage regular “brick and mortar” casinos in a fight against illegal online operators which offer their services in the country.


    Land-based casinos of this country came up with this initiative themselves and offered local authorities their aid to tackle the problem of illicit casino operators. International companies operating on Swiss market take a way a big chunk of players from local casinos and, consequently, a huge portion of their profits. It is not the first time local casinos address to the government with this issue and ask for more strict gambling regulation laws.

    Up until now, all attempts to suppress any activity of unlawful online casinos were disastrous. Local internet providers managed to persuade lawmakers that campaign of banning unwanted websites would be tremendously expensive and ineffective.

    In view of this, Swiss government concluded that the most interested party in termination of illicit online gambling activity, are the land-based casinos themselves. Authorities offered local operators to entrust all the necessary costs associated with such campaign on their own shoulders. Switzerland casinos are also free to choose any approach they think would be effective for such campaign.

    Together with this initiative one more was proposed by Beat Flach, who represents Green Party in parliament. Mr. Flach stated that he is now working on a new bill concerning online gambling regulation. This bill will govern the process of entering Swiss online gambling market for international companies which want to provide their services for players in this country.

    According to parliamentarian this will not only allow to fight illegal online gambling business more effectively, but will also have positive impact on a country budged due to licensing and taxing royalties.
  2. George333


    Sep 17, 2017
    It sounds interesting. Many countries do this way, but not every of them has result:Biggrin:
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