What to Choose: Poker or Online Casino?

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At the dawn of online gambling, poker was a gold mine – players were winning unbelievable prizes, affiliates were creating numerous poker-related websites which, by the way, were extremely profitable.

It was gamblers who paid for everything. A large number of gamblers at one time discovered poker and switched to it from casinos. A real poker boom occurred in the world of gambling. Enormous financial resources were attracted to the industry but it all came to an end shortly. Popular poker rooms got blocked over time, some of them ceased to exist.

There is almost no money in poker now. Of course, there is some amount left formed by a little number of existing players but this is only a memory of past splendor. Now some of you will be wondering: What about PokerStars? The answer is simple: compare their current traffic to what they had 5-6 years ago.

What happened? In the beginning of “poker fever” players had neither necessary knowledge nor trackers. One had to be a tight player to get an advantage over other players. The number of fans of the card game was raising with time. Gamblers were losing more and more: where previously a fish could make a deposit and win with a little luck, than it was getting harder.

All money brought in by fish were distributed between regulars and poker rooms. Poker rooms invested in regulars when they should have invested in promotions: such system was doomed to fail. Besides, affiliates started to attract regs instead of fish as regs paid more rake (poker affiliates get percentage of rake). Many poker school appeared in that time.

Eventually, this system appeared to be unprofitable, first of all for gamblers. But there are no regulars in online casinos so the odds of winning are higher for an average gambler.

Tilt deserves particular attention as it makes a difference. Most of the gamblers know what tilt is. It is a state of mental or emotional confusion or frustration in which a player adopts a less than optimal strategy, usually resulting in the player becoming over-aggressive. Now imagine a poker player who is not good but he tries to think and wins sometimes. And this player becomes over-aggressive. The poor man had no chances to win before and now he makes bad decisions and raises the bets. I believe there is no need to tell what happens next.

Now imagine this player playing pokies and getting tilted. It’s not good but in this case he has much higher chance of succeeding. In fact, some of the biggest wins in pokies were hit when players were tilted, and because of that, they were playing at higher stakes and got lucky.

It’s possible to make money on poker now. But the game has become very difficult: players have to analyze the game, use trackers, know the styles of other players, etc. Moreover, it requires considerable investments to begin.

The bottom line is simple: poker is unprofitable for a gambler. That’s why leisure gamblers prefer pokies, roulette, BlackJack, and other casino bitcoin games.