Does the 100% RTP Slot Machine Exist?

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While the concept of 100% RTP slots sounds terrific for the player, it would be devastating for the casino’s profit margins.


The wonderful world of slots
Slot machines will continue to be the most popular casino game on the planet. These spinning reel machines lure gamblers in with their loud buzzers and exciting visual displays.

Whether players enjoy online casinos from the comfort of their couch or live it up in a fabulous casino resort, slot machines enjoy a dedicated fanbase.

The casinos count on slot machines to fund their massive operations. Should the slots suddenly vanish from the casino floor, the casinos themselves may not be around for long.

Return to player is paramount for slots enthusiasts
Slot machines come from the developers with a pre-determined payout percentage. This number is known as the return to player.

RTP is determined by the individual casinos but must fall within the range defined by the governing bodies. For example, Nevada gaming laws dictate that RTP on slot machines must fall between 75-100%.

So, the minimum of a slot machine’s payout is 75€ for every 100€ played on any given device. Fortunately, the casinos aren’t that greedy, and most games fall around 90%.

The return to player is paramount for players because it will significantly impact your overall wins or losses.

The penny slots are the most popular machines in most casinos. These games almost always have an RTP below 90%, which means you’re going to see an average loss of 10€ for every 100€ you put in play.

A 100% RTP would be ideal for the player because you could expect to break even long-term. Some players would continue to see a profit while others lost depending on the volatility of the machine.

However, this would leave the casino accountants and executives reeling as they tried to make up for the lost revenue.

Looking for the best RTP
Finding the casinos and, more specifically, games with the best RTP can be tricky.

Luckily, there are basic guidelines you can follow to find the highest RTP. For example, the higher denomination games will almost always have a higher RTP than the lower end games. That’s because the casino can afford to take a smaller piece of a much bigger pie.

Finding the highest RTP you can afford will make your casino session far more enjoyable. Ideally, we’re all on the hunt for that elusive 100%.

Online casino slots

The game you play can severely impact the RTP you get, but where you play may be of more consequence.

However, online casinos raise the ante, so to speak. An average RTP in downtown Vegas will sit at around 92%.

Online casinos offer a whopping 96+% RTP on average. This way, online casinos are your best bet for getting to the unicorn, the 100% RTP slots game.

Brick-and-mortar casino slots
Land-based casinos are clearly at a tremendous disadvantage when facing the incredible RTP of online casinos. These casinos aren’t greedy by keeping the RTP so low compared to online sites; they simply cost more to operate.

99% maybe your best bet
If you can find a slot machine game with an RTP of 99%, it may feel like 100%. It also may be as close as you’ll ever get to the actual break-even slot machine.

There are hundreds of online slots that offer impressive RTP of 99% or higher. You won’t have to look far to find these games on your favorite casino site.

However, they aren’t without their drawbacks. Many casinos will limit the percentage of your wagers towards wagering requirements for bonuses and earning loyalty rewards.

You’re still going to be far better off long-term playing the higher RTP games, but be aware of any limitations ahead of time to avoid undue frustrations.

The casino comp effect
Casino comps should always be factored into your bottom line. Let’s pretend you found a slot machine in a land-based casino that gave you an RTP of 99%, and you’re earning comps at 1%.

Technically you’re getting 100% back. Perhaps not in the way you hoped, but it’s still a 100% return.

Looking at the rate your earning comps is paramount for determining precisely what your return will be long-term.

Casino bonuses may move the line
Online casino deposit bonuses are incredibly friendly for the player and beneficial to the casino. These deposit bonuses allow players to instantly increase their bankroll while giving the casino vast influxes of new customers.

Suppose you make a 500€ deposit, and the casino matches you at 200%. Suddenly you’re enjoying a 1500€ bankroll.

Playing a 99% RTP game, you could definitely expect to profit on your initial 500€ deposit. However, the casinos aren’t in the business of giving away money.

So, they levy serious wagering requirements along with the bonus. For example, you may need to wager 40 times the bonus amount before you can access any winning or withdraw your bonus. On a 1000€ bonus, that’s 40000€.

Then you’ll need to battle the restrictions on the highest RTP games. A slot machine with an RTP above 99% may only contribute 25% of every euro played toward meeting your wagering requirement.

Suddenly, you’ll need to play through 160000€ to see your 1000€ bonus. So, it’s an uphill climb, but not insurmountable. Focus on playing the games you enjoy, and don’t fall into the trap of chasing bonuses or burning through their requirements.

Does the 100% RTP slot machine exist?
Does a slot machine exist that will give a player the long-term expectation of breaking even? No, that’s unlikely to ever be the case. However, anyone can enjoy a return of over 100% in the short term.

Every time a slot machine gambler gets a little lucky and walks out of the casino a winner, they’ve experienced an RTP above 100%. This is due to the volatility of the games.

This formula is what drives the entire casino industry. Winners spread the good word about the casinos, and their friends and family flock to the casino green with envy.

Slot machines come in every shape and size imaginable. From the 88% RTP penny slots in Vegas to the 99% RTP games at online casinos, slot machines have a loyal following of avid gamblers.

Does the 100% RTP slot machine exist? Not at this time. “Should it exist?” Taking any chance out of the games seems like the perfect way to eliminate any thrill.