Gambling for a Living – Is It Even Possible to Make Money Playing at Online Casinos?

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Dream of thousands of players, key to enriching of hundreds of crooks. Any online casino player has ever dreamed how good it could be to make money from the game. Is it possible? Are there any professional casino gamblers who earn their living sitting at home, spinning reels of slot machines or playing table games? Let’s sort it out!

Preparing this article, we checked what other gambling websites say on the topic. To our great surprise, all top Google results know how to make easy money with online casinos.

Look what they say:

“Be a smarter player and learn how to make money when you play online casino.“

“Advantage gambling methods are tested and reliable practices used by professional gamblers to gamble profitably in the long run. The effectiveness of these methods are proven by the sheer existence of professional gambling, as a means to earn a living.”

YouTube video title: “how to make money online- on casino 100-150$/hr”

We invite you to take a closer look at these ‘advantage gambling methods’ and see if they are really that great as website owners want them to look like.

Betting Strategies


Betting strategies are exactly what they try to sell to you when they speak about “advantage gambling methods”. All these “mathematically proven strategies” are just great except for the one thing – they don’t work. “Profitable gambling in the long run” may be too long to be profitable.

You don’t have to me a mathematician to understand what the house edge is. To make it simple, house edge is the long-term advantage a casino has over a player. This advantage may vary from game to game, it also depends on the game style of the player if we are speaking about skill games, but one thing remains intact – it is impossible to completely eliminate it. Just think, if it was possible, all casinos would go bankrupt.

The number of betting strategies you can find on different websites which are ‘always willing to help a player’ is enormous. Some of them are really simple, like ‘wait for 3 reds in a row in roulette and then bet on black’; only a complete idiot would believe that it could work, but, to joy of casino operators, there are many idiots who keep waiting for ‘3 reds in a row’; other strategies are more complicated: they will show you long mathematical calculations, proofs, videos, whatever, but they won’t tell you one thing: you can fool yourself in the short run, you can win a little by risking a lot, but in the long run you’ll inevitably lose.


All of you who have ever wondered about betting strategies should have heard about Martingale. In fact, this is the most popular betting strategy which, unfortunately, like other betting strategies doesn’t work. But first things first.

This strategy can be played on any even money casino game, such as roulette and some others. The idea is that every time when you lose, you double your bet so once you win, you expect to cover all your past losses plus win one initial stake on top of that. For example, you start with $1 bet and lose 4 times in a row, every time you double your bet. You lose: $1 + $2 + $4 + $8 = $15, and win $16 on your fifth try. It looks good in paper but, in the same time, it results in terrible loses in practice as losing streak is closer than it may seem.

All online casinos have table limits for their table games. They use them to protect themselves from such betting strategies. Let’s consider an example of a table with $1000 limit. You start with $5 bet. You’ll need to lose only 8 bets in a row to reach the table limit. Any roulette player knows how easy it can be to lose 8 and more bets in a row. And don’t forget, in this case you lose your $640 to win $5. That is what we meant saying “you can win a little by risking a lot”. If you are interested, you can find mathematical proofs and videos showing how easy it can be to lose a lump sum with Martingale.

In some of the world best land-based casinos they don’t have table limits. Martingale could work here but experience has shown that the biggest gambling losses ever occurred when people were playing with Martingale strategy. We are talking about Frank Saracakis, Greek millionaire who used to ‘double his money’ after a losing bet and lost £8 million within one session at Crockfords, London.

Martingale is one the most famous but in the same time simplest betting strategies you can find on the net. You’ll find a number of improved Martingales, Kelly and many other ‘mathematically proven’ strategies promising easy money. Whatever they say, don’t forget you can’t beat the odds.

We do share some betting strategies with our visitors from time to time. However, we always warn you that they are designed to improve your gambling experience, not to beat casinos. Here are some of the betting strategies we posted before:

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Bonus Hunting


In the past, may be until 2006, casino bonuses were absolutely different from what we can see now. Almost any casino on the internet was ready to offer its players a wide range of no deposit promotions which were fully cashable, nobody requested ID or address confirmations ever, the Sun was shining and the world of gambling was full of joy and bucks. But then came the people who wanted to milk casinos’ kindness and killed all good offers. Little by little, bonus terms were tightened, wagering requirements were raised, no deposit bonuses were diminished and every casino wants to see your ID now, preferably your selfie with your passport by your face. Let’s say “Thank you” to bonus hunters for that.

Seriously speaking, with a little knowledge of internet security and a computer, one could easily earn the equivalent of a full-time salary exploiting online casino bonuses. We are not going to describe the matter in details, especially as it doesn’t work as it used to in the past. There are still some people who find ways to trick casinos cheating with affiliate programs and other things but it’s much more complicated than it used to be. If someone is so talented with computers and isn’t ashamed of such dishonest ways to make money, he’ll easily find more profitable ways to do that even without casino bonuses. One would say that casinos took players’ money so it was not a big deal if they paid a little back; though we cannot agree to that, the problem is different: these are common players who suffer the most from bonus hunters, not casinos. Casinos has found the way to protect themselves by worsening their bonus offers which indeed now look more like an attempt to steal money from players rather than a present and players have to deal with it.

Hacks & Bugs


Bonus hunting is only the first step on the way to the “dark side” of gambling. Real morons would consider hacking an online casino. We are sorry to disappoint those who might see themselves as ‘true hackers’, security system of modern online casinos can be compared to a bank safety system. Moreover, even if hackers got access to casino servers, they would never steal money from the accounts as then they had to face security system of payment operators which, by the way, are not linked to casino servers. The same is true about the personal information of players. Casinos do their best to encrypt all sensitive data as that would be a big scandal if some of that information was stolen and it could be the reason to close business immediately. Just to make it clear, we are speaking about reputable casinos now, not about dumps where you can expect the owners to use your data for their own benefit.

Software developers and casino operators spend huge amounts on testing to prevent any bugs in their games. However, occasionally such bugs might occur. Then a player might win more than expected. Don’t rejoice if it happens as casinos always checks all withdrawals before processing them. Managers will notice something odd about the game history and investigate the matter. After that, it all comes down to the casino’s decision – they may pay for their mistake or may not. Most of the casino games have these words in their terms: "Malfunction Voids All Pays and Plays". If it appears that some tries to cheat on purpose, legal consequences may follow. As we all remember from the movie, it’s better not to try to cheat at a casino.

Just kidding.


Streaming is a fairly new but increasingly popular way to make money playing your favorite games. If you have never seen a stream, it’s better to see it with your own eyes. Here is the page on Twitch, the world leading streaming service. The number of casino streamers is constantly growing and it’s only natural as earnings of top streamers are really impressive though they don’t disclose this information.

There are 3 sources of income for a streamer:

  • Donations – money viewers send to streamers if they like what they see. The size of donations may vary but, for instance, Casinodaddy’s top donation of all time is over €3,000 now.
  • Affiliate programs – streamers receive referral fee from money people who has clicked their link bring to casinos. Streamers don’t flaunt their earnings from affiliating but it must be very good.
  • Casino winnings – naturally, all what you win while streaming is yours.

You’ll need PC with internet connection and web camera, special software, casino account, a little money to make a deposit and knowledge of English or any other popular language. Then it all comes down to you, your ability to entertain and make a show.

If there are a lot of people interested in guidelines to casino streaming, we’ll write detailed article about that. In the meantime, you can study our casino page and choose one to stream at. Also consider their bonus offers as you’ll need more money to stream longer. By the way, always tell your viewers that you have bonus money in your account if you accept any offer. This is just one of the first advices you should follow if you want to make good streams and your viewers to trust you.

We hope this article helps you to clarify all questions you had about making money at online casinos. Don’t let crooks fool yourself and enjoy the game.