Making a Deposit: When Security Matters

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Online casino deposits are something gamblers come across now and then. Open the deposits page of your favorite online casino. You’ll see multiple options, including credit cards (VISA or MasterCard) e-Wallets (Skrill, Neteller, etc.), and, not always offered but getting increasingly popular, Bitcoin. How should you choose the right one? While there are a number of pros of cons each of them can be described with, we will look at the transaction security of the most popular ones as when it comes to the money, there is always someone who wants to steal that. Forewarned is forearmed.

Making deposits with credit cards (VISA or MasterCard)

Credit cards are the most traditional way to make a deposit. They are widely supported and almost anyone in the world, except for godforsaken places, use them for everyday purchases. It’s only natural that most online casinos support credit cards as a deposit method.

You can feel yourself secured enough using VISA or MasterCard for deposits. The main problem is a risk of your card details getting exposed as a result of a hacker attack. Most of the trusted casinos process payments through 128-bit SSL connections minimizing possible risk of the hack.

VISA and MasterCard, in turn, have long-going history of making transactions safe on their side. Any unauthorized transaction conducted via a credit card can be subjected to a chargeback.

While casinos and transaction services do their best to prevent you card details from being exposed, there is a chance that unauthorized third party can get access to these details using, for example, key loggers or some other methods. If it happens, there is a chance to lose your money.

Making deposits with e-Wallets (Skrill, Neteller, etc.)

e-Wallets are not that popular for everyday purchases but still they are one of the most popular online casino deposit/withdrawal methods. Players use e-Wallets because they get money instantly after the transaction is approved by the casino.

Like VISA and MasterCard, e-Wallet services have strong anti-fraud security systems. But you shouldn’t forget that your account as secured as your password. To learn more about the ways to protect your account study our security tips.

Unfortunately, your e-Wallet account can still be hacked. If it happens, contact the e-Wallet support immediately as every second counts. It is not a big deal to reclaim your funds while they stay in the system. Once intruders withdraw them from the system, it is very unlikely that you’ll receive anything back.

e-Wallets are another secured deposit option. Players who use e-Wallets for gambling purposes say they feel themselves more secured as they can keep a limited amount of money in their balance so if the account gets hacked, they don’t lose much.

Making deposits with Bitcoin

There are not many casinos accepting bitcoins on the online gambling market at the moment but the situation is rapidly changing. Bitcoin has a number of advantages over the e-Wallets and the credit cards in terms of security. Some players are really concerned about their anonymity when playing at online casinos. They don’t want to provide their details or scans of documents and bitcoins are a perfect option for them. Bitcoin is a currency, not a payment system. So it works like cash in real life. When you come to a store and pay with cash, nobody checks your identity. So nobody does when you make a deposit with bitcoins.

You send your money directly to the casino and the transaction is recorded on the blockchain. Each transaction has its unique identifier, a private key, and it can’t be hacked.

As you can see, depositing to Bitcoin casinos is more secured compared to the e-Wallets and the credit cards. If you are unsure how to use bitcoins for gambling, you can always refer to our guide.