Things I Wish I Had Known Before I Started Online Gambling

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Like in any other occupation, there are some common mistakes people make gambling day by day. Casinos have a lot of tricks to make you lose your money or to benefit from you in other ways. It’s better to learn from others' mistakes rather than make your own.

Play At Trusted Casinos Only

A casino website may look perfect and everything may be going smoothly until that very moment moment when you decide to withdraw your funds. Not getting winnings is, probably, one of the most negative things which can happen to a gambler.

There are a lot of great and trusted casinos on the online gambling market nowadays. Still, players find some dumps which are always willing to take their money but never pay back. If you don’t want to be in the place of such player, always check reviews at popular forums and casino websites. But be careful as some of them do their business promoting these dumps. That’s why it is better to research the reviews from several sources before you form any opinion.

Another way to tell if a casino is a dump or a good place to play at is its licenses. You can learn about the licenses from our Regulators page. In a nutshell, licenses issued by the UK, Malta, Gibraltar, Isle of Man, and Alderney are usually a sign of a good casino. Some other licenses have just this word ‘license’ which, in fact, doesn’t guarantee anything to a player. Still, it might be useful to learn more about the licenses. You can address the same page in case of any disputes with a casino to find the contacts of the licensing body. Use them to make a complaint against the casino. However, do your best to solve the problem with the casino before you use any other instruments of pressure.

Use Your Real PII (Personally Identifiable Information) Only and Be Ready With The Documents To Support Your Identity

It would be upsetting if you found a good casino and still didn’t get your money due to your own fault. That’s why you should enter only real data when creating an account with an online casino. Most often, this data includes your name, date of birth, and residential address. You also should have all necessary proofs of your identity and be ready to present it to the casino representatives upon their request.

Here is the list of the documents which will be enough for the absolute majority of online casinos:

  • Proof of identity – this may be your driver’s license, passport, or some other official government issued photo ID;
  • Proof of address – a utility bill not older than 3 months or some other official document showing your address;
  • Proof of payment methods – if you use a credit card for deposits, be ready to provide the scan of front and back sides of it. Don’t forget to cover the middle numbers and the CVV code. It is crucial for the security reasons. If you use Skrill, Neteller, or any other e-wallet, you may be asked to provide a screenshot of your account with your email visible on it;
  • Some casinos also require phone validation or a photo of you with your ID in your hand but it’s not a common practice.
Don’t worry about the safety of your PII and corresponding documents. Trusted casinos will never use it for their own benefit. It is one of the requirements of the licensing bodies because casinos can be involved in money laundering. However, if you play at casinos with negative reputation, anything may happen.

Think Twice Before You Accept Any Bonus Offer

Some bonus offers are just great as they make the time you spend at an online casino more enjoyable and give you a chance to win more than without a bonus, while other bonuses are made only to steal your money. That’s a harsh word but that’s what some casinos do applying unbeatable wagers to their offers and making long lists of restricted games.

Unfortunately, the bonus offers are not that great these days. Bonus money is not the equivalent of free money anymore. Casinos have to tighten the bonus terms because of the bonus abusers. As always, it is the common people who suffer most of it but we have to deal with it.

It is understandable, when a player is not allowed to play Black Jack while having bonus money in his account balance as this is a low-risk game but, in the same time, some bonus terms are just ridiculous. ‘Wager x50; all NetEnt games contribute 80% towards the wagering requirements’. How do you like this? And that’s not the weirdest extract from the casino bonus terms. And that’s why the next point is so important.

Check Terms and Conditions

As you can see, it is important to check terms and conditions. It applies not only to the bonuses but to the general terms and conditions as well. They may have a list of restricted countries, some non-standard security rules or ask you to visit their office located in the North Pole in person to get your winnings. Just kidding, but who knows what they are capable of? You don’t want any surprises, do you? You can also ask the Live support for details if something remains unclear.

Check Your Withdrawals Methods

Most often, you’ll be allowed to withdraw your funds using the same method as you used to make a deposit. That works pretty good in most cases, but sometimes you won’t be allowed to use the same method for deposits and withdrawals due to the casino's or the payment system's policy. That’s why it is important to think about that before you make a deposit not when you are about to order a withdrawal. You can always check available withdrawal methods at the corresponding page or, once again, feel free to ask the Live support for their suggestions.

Check Withdrawal Limits and Processing Times

If you are a highroller or feel like winning a jackpot, the withdrawal limits is what you want to know. No online casino owner wants his website to be closed when you win a billion, that’s why the withdrawal limits are being implemented; but low withdrawal limits is, usually, a sign of a not totally fair casino which wants you to lose your winnings in case if you win too much.

Another thing which applies to a wider range of players is withdrawal processing times. Again, if a casino wants you to lose the winnings, it can take forever for your withdrawal to be processed. Check the casino terms and reviews regarding the processing times before you make a deposit. If it takes too long for a withdrawal to be processed, we don’t recommend to play at such casino as the urge to play may be stronger than you can resist.

Remember That House Always Wins

Casino is a business, not a charity. All casino games are based on the house edge. You can win, you can win a lot, but you should never forget that you’ll lose if you keep playing. Treat the game as the game , play responsibly, and have fun. That’s what our two last tips are about. However, some bitcoin casino strategies show the optimal betting way only and don't guarantee anything.

Play Responsibly

Gambling is a great way to spend your time and get your adrenaline while staying home, but don’t let it ruin your life. We are not going much into details as the dark side of gambling is not a thing you want to face with. If you are still interested, there are a lot of websites filled with the stories of gambling addicts. We will give you several tips how to avoid possible gambling problems.

  • Allocate a certain sum of money and never exceed your limits. If you lose, don’t try to win it back.
  • The same applies to the winning limits. Once you decide the sum in your balance is good enough, order a withdrawal and never ever cancel it.
  • Don’t drink and play and don’t play when you are tired. Seriously, playing at online casinos in altered state of consciousness has never been a good idea. It will definitely affect your judgement and may backfire.

Have Fun

That’s right. Fun and excitement is the reason why people play at casinos. Follow our tips so nothing will spoil your stay at the virtual casinos and may the luck be with you.