The new Happy Cookie slot from Onlyplay!

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Happy Cookie is a hold&win 3x3 slot with stunningly beautiful graphics and unique animation. Each of its bright Christmas symbols has its own value. And the most expensive ones are equal almost to a jackpot. As soon as you collect 3 Christmas symbols, a unique bonus game opens up for you with the opportunity to hit the king’s ransom! It can have an endless number of rounds.

When 3 Christmas Symbols appear in the standard game mode, the Bonus game session is automatically launched. The uniqueness of the bonus game lies in its multiple rounds, - after the bonus field is filled, the bonus game does not finish, as it is expected to be, but goes to the next round - the field is cleared and the multiplier increases. There is an unlimited number of such rounds. Each following round doubles your previous multiplier.

A separate paytable displays a list of winning combinations and coefficients (multipliers) by which the player's bet will be multiplied if the desired combination appears. Symbols can be paid anywhere on the playing field.