What Does "Top Payout" Mean?

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The words “best” and “top” might be a little misleading here, because there is no online casino where you’ll earn hundreds on every spin or every hand. When we talk about top payouts, what we mean is payout percentage, the amount of money an online casino will pay out over time relative to how much is spent there. To use an example, a casino with a 98% payout percentage will, over time, pay out $98 of every $100 spent playing there.

When thinking about which online casino to play at, punters should consider what the top payout is, and choosing a casino with a payout percentage in the mid-to-high 90s. While there will still be variance (high volatility pokies, for example, offer very infrequent wins, but larger amounts to compensate), you should expect to get back at least the majority of whatever you put in to a casino.

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