What is the Point of an Insurance Bet on Blackjack?

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When playing most Blackjack games, if after the Dealers has dealt out the first round of cards to his and all other players hands, he is showing for example an Ace card, then he will offer all players the option of taking something known as an Insurance side bet wager.

Basically, that side bet wager allows you to place a side bet worth half of the amount you currently have wagered on your own hand, and that side bet is going to be a winning one if it turns out that the Dealer is holding a Blackjack hand, that being a 10 card alongside his Ace card.

If he does and you have placed that side bet Insurance wager you are paid out at odds of 2 to 1, if he doesn’t end up having a Blackjack hand then you lose your Insurance bet.

Sadly though, the side bet wager serves just one main purpose and one purpose only, and that is to increase the house edge of the game you are playing, for the house edge on the Insurance bet is so very high that you should never, ever place it! If you do it will just eat away at your bankroll over time!

Learn How to Master Playing Blackjack
There are so many possible hand combinations that you can be dealt out when playing Blackjack games, if you have not fully mastered the art of playing the variant you have chosen to play perfectly, then you could end up making lots of different playing errors.

Each time you do make any type of playing error when playing Blackjack you are going to be increasing the house edge of that game and will therefore end up losing much quicker than you normally would!

The very best way to ensure that you never do make any type of playing or betting errors when playing any type of Blackjack game online is to simply get yourself a Blackjack strategy card for the variant you are playing.

Those cards are free to download and by getting one each time the Dealer has dealt out your hand you simply need to look up that hand and the card in the Dealers hand and the strategy card will then show you the very best and optimal way to play off that hand, and as such you will always be playing that game with the very best strategy in place at all times!

Consider Playing Live Blackjack Games
Whilst you are going to find dozens of different variants of Blackjack when you choose to play the more standards types of software driven games online, keep in mind that you are also going to have access to a live casino gaming platform at most online casino sites.

If you are looking for and demanding the ultimate type of Blackjack game playing experience then consider giving some of the live Blackjack game variants a try, for you are not going to get a much more lifelike Blackjack playing experience when playing them, other than visiting a land based casino.

Those live Blackjack games use high definition web streams that allow you to see real life Dealers dealing out real physical cards around a land based Blackjack games table and you can then place your own bets and wagers onto those tables using your computer.

With bonuses, comps and some rather low house edges on offer on those live casino games you are going to find lots of extra ways of getting even more playing value and will of course always be able to play them for stake levels that you can comfortably afford to play them for too!

Any experienced Blackjack player is going to have in place some form of strategy when playing online, and they will allocate a set bankroll to each gaming session, select a unit stake amount and will often also have both a stop loss limit and also have some form of winning goal in mind.

It is important that you too have both a stop loss limit and also try and set yourself a reasonable winning goal, and then make a point of stopping playing when you reach either your winning goal or you reach your stop loss limit.

Getting into the habit of cashing out your winnings when you are up, and never playing until you bust out your bankroll completely will turn you into a much more structured type of gambler.

If you do not set both winning goals and stop loss limits then you will often find you walk away with nothing from your initial bankroll as it is way too easy to play Blackjack online these days until you bust out your bankroll completely!