Roulette Table Layout

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While the differences in roulette layout are quite important to the game, the differences between the different table layouts are few, and do not have much impact on the game itself.

Some of these differences are:
  • The American roulette table contains the number 00, and this, only exists on this table.
  • The layout of the betting sectors for outside bets may be slightly different at the different table types.
  • The French roulette table may be in French while the text on the European and American roulette tables is usually in English.
If you are playing a crypto roulette game with announced bets, there may be another part of the roulette table, the so-called racetrack. This is a representation of the roulette sequence of numbers, with a sector for each of the announced bets.

The betting area known as the 'racetrack' takes its name from its resemblance to a racetrack.

The announced bets are usually placed directly on the roulette table after being announced by the player. This arrangement makes placing these bets simpler and also lets players know that these types of bets are available in the game as they are not available at all roulette tables.