Roulette Strategies

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There are many different ways of playing roulette, each of which have theiradvantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at these two examples:

  • You could go to a roulette table with €100 and keep betting €1 on black. You could spend hours playing like this, but you will definitely not win any substantial amounts of money, and you will very likely end up losing at least part of your bankroll. And because your bets are so small, the game will probably not be very thrilling for you.
  • Or you can take the entire €100 and place it on a single number. You have a chance of winning €3600, but you will very likely lose everything in a single bet. This strategy is very exciting and has a very high expected return, but it’s very volatile and your play time will be very short.
Each player has different preferences. Some want to win a lot of money, some want to have an exciting game, while others just want to spend some time playing roulette. Therefore, it may be useful for the player to consider some strategies that try to find a balance in the most important elements for most players, among them:

  • Expected value (Strategy RTP Return to Player);
  • Chance to win big;
  • Thrill;
  • Play time.
However, there are no miracle strategies, as no one that you come across will help you win every time. Most are designed to help you enjoy the game of roulette while maximising the before mentioned priorities.

Some of this strategies are:
  • Constant Bet Strategy;
  • Constant Proportion Strategy;
  • All-in Strategy;
  • Reverse Martingale Strategy;
  • Progressive Bet Strategy.