Skill Games: Future Online Casino Trend

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Gambling experts see skill games as the future of online gambling. These are the games where the outcome is determined not only by luck but my mental or physical powers of the players.

The experts claim that the online gambling revolution has already happened. It was made by the new generation of gamblers who grew up on video games. The joy of the game for them is not just the passion of gambling fully based on the random number generator but a chance to exercise their skills and demonstrate their experience.

Danger Arena, a slot machine which has recently appeared in some casinos of Atlantic City, serves a proof of their words. The game has become extremely popular with the gamers who line up in front of the slot machine to try their luck, demonstrate their skills, and win real money.

The slot machine is equipped with a game controller specifically built for the casino environment. The game takes the players to the world of the future. When the game begins, players have 45 seconds to kill as many bots as they can. 6 kills are enough to get in the money and 10 kills award the highest payout which is 25 x the bet. The game is available to play from $0.50 to $20, so the highest possible payout is $500.

Blaine Graboyes, GameCo CEO, commented on the situation. According to him, the main objective of any casino is to attract players. If it has to replace traditional slot machines with games of skill, that should be done as soon as possible.

Will the skill games become that popular at online casinos? We will see soon. However, some bitcoin games online can be considered skill-based games even now.