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Some important things to take away from the last few articles:
  • Payout percentage of games of chance applies only when considering a single game round. Your real expected return will be lower due to re-betting previous winnings.
  • You statistically lose on every bet. A fewer bets means a smaller statistical profit for the casino.
  • The RTP of your betting system depends on the RTP of the game, variance of the game, size of your bets, and rules when to leave and when to keep playing.
  • Variance of the game is determined by the size of potential winnings as multiples of the bet. The higher the individual wins, the higher the variance of the game (considering a fixed RTP).
  • Games with high variance are usually more favorable. The advantage of significantly higher variance can easily beat the advantage of slightly higher RTP.
  • The higher the variance, the higher the chance of turning small sums of money into huge sums of money.
  • The bigger the bets in one round, the higher the RTP of your betting system, considering a fixed bankroll.
  • If you play for fun, look for games with high variance and place smaller bets. A few wins could get you to your desired win, otherwise you will lose your whole budget. Keep in mind that you are doing a tradeoff between the duration of your play and the RTP of your betting system.