How Do Online Casino Bonuses Work?

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Free casino bonuses have become an essential marketing tool for online casinos, crucial in attracting new customers and for the retention of the existing ones. In the past, there used to be many bonuses with tricky conditions that made it impossible for players to withdraw any winnings.

However, with an increased competition and the pressure from licensing authorities, the situation has dramatically improved, and it is now possible to find a good number of attractive bonuses with fair conditions and wagering requirements. Such bonuses really do work in favor of the player.

A bonus represents a form of reward you get for opening an account in a casino, depositing money or real money betting. The most common form of a bonus is a credit that you can play with, which will be credited to your account after fulfilling certain conditions.

Other common bonuses are the so-called free spins or a return of portions of the money lost (cashback). Bonuses prolong your game and give you a second chance if you lose. You play further, even though you have already lost your original deposit, and although bonus requirements are often quite restrictive, you still have a chance to turn your bonus into withdrawable winnings. If you don't want to mess with bonuses, play in casinos without KYC and promos. Such casinos only have games to play, without "sales funnel" and other bs.