Constant Bet Roulette Strategy

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The constant betting strategy in roulette is quite basic. We can say that it is the 'strategy' used by most roulette players, often without even realising it. As its name suggests, this strategy consists in constantly placing the same bet. In other words, it consists in continually betting the same amount of money.

Although it is a basic strategy of playing roulette, it is not a totally bad one. It all depends on what kind of bets you place, how big (or small) the bets are, how long you want to play, and/or how much money you would like to win.

For example, a player has a bankroll of €100 and decides to have a good time playing at the roulette table, if he sets his bet to be €10 betting on black on each spin, he will have some chance of enjoying himself for an hour or so, and coming out of the game with a potential profit. This is an example of using the steady bet strategy.

Therefore, taking into account your personal preferences, the steady bet strategy may be the ideal option for you. It all depends on your goals:
  • Do you want to spend an hour playing roulette and have some chances of ending up with more money than you started with? The constant betting strategy could be ideal for you.

  • Want to double your bankroll? You can do that too using the constant bet strategy.

  • Want to win big? It's possible to do it using this strategy, although there are far better options out there.