Progressive Bet roulette strategy

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The Progressive Bet roulette strategy was created as a spin-off to the Inverted Martingale strategy. While the Inverted Martingale strategy is mathematically excellent, it may not be the preferred choice for players who don't like the idea of putting the entire win from previous spins into a single bet.

The Progressive Betting strategy is also based on increasing the bet size after a win, but not so much. Instead of betting the full amount of your winnings all at once, this strategy works by betting only a portion of what you won in the previous round.

Let's look at an example: Imagine a player with a starting bankroll of €100, who chooses to place corner bets with a value of €2. Each time he wins, he bets 2/3 of the amount won on the next round. A possible outcome of this strategy might be as follows:
  • The player places a corner bet of €2 and has a 4/37 chance of winning €18 (including his initial bet).
  • If he wins, he then places a €12 bet (2/3 of €18) to have a chance of winning €108.
  • If you win again, you place a bet of €72 (2/3 of €108) for a chance to win €648. You can continue in this way until you lose, or win a sum of money on which you would rather quit the game and not bet anymore.
  • Whenever you lose, you return to the initial bet of €2 and continue from there.

There are some very important differences between the Progressive Betting strategy and the Reverse Martingale strategy. In the latter, there are only two possible outcomes - either the target amount is reached (or exceeded) or you lose everything. The Progressive Bet strategy allows a greater variety of outcomes. You may lose only a portion of your bankroll, or you may end up with a slight profit. You still have the chance of considerable gains, as can be seen in the example above.

In addition, there is a tendency to choose less volatile types of bets for this strategy, which means that you can place more bets with higher values, which leads to more enjoyable gameplay.