Roulette Constant Bet Strategy

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The Constant Bet strategy has a special place among all the strategies. It is unintentionally used by many roulette players who just want to have fun and don't think about how they should play to maximize their chances of profit.

The Constant betting strategy is just one of the basic ways to play roulette. This strategy involves placing the same bet over and over again. It is a simple strategy, but it is also crucial to choose the best type of bet, as well as its value, in order to maximise your chances of winning.

Moreover, although the basic idea of the Constant betting strategy is very simple, the expected results differ enormously depending on the type of bets you place and the percentage of your initial bankroll that you wager during each game. Essentially, the Constant betting strategy consists of finding a compromise between two options:
  • Low volatility and a low possibility of high winnings, versus being able to play roulette for a longer period of time;
  • High volatility and the possibility of high winnings, against the high probability of losing everything very quickly.
To achieve high or low volatility (or something in between) you can change two things that affect the way you play the game, as well as the expected results:
  • the type of bets you place, and
  • the size of your bets.
Let's look at two examples to better understand this strategy:

A player sits down at the Roulette table with €100, and starts betting €1 on red or black. The player can stay at the table and play for hours or even days, but his chance of winning a larger amount of money is practically non-existent.

A player sits down at the Roulette table with €100, and begins betting €50 on a specific number. This player will most likely lose everything after his first two spins, but will also have a chance, albeit a small one, to leave the casino with a big win.

What is the best approach? Well, the optimal use of the Constant bet strategy lies somewhere in the middle...