Dimok’s Betting Strategy For Online Pokies

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Probably, you can remember Dimok’s internet security tips and Mega Joker betting strategy. This time, Dimok shared with us something that may be interesting to a wider range of players. This is a general betting strategy for pokies. And once again: there are no winning strategies for the pokies! You can’t win in the long run! But you can follow certain strategies to minimize chances of loss and maximize fun of the game.


Financial strategy for each particular slot:

1. Choose you bet for the first step – 1% of your initial deposit value. Make 25 spins with this bet. If you win 10 or more bets, change the slot; if you win or lose not more than 2-3 bets, make another 25 spins; if you lose, proceed to the step 2.

2. Double your bet – 2% of your initial deposit value. Make 25 spins. If you return back to your initial balance of win even more, change the slot; if you lose, proceed to the step 3.

3. Double the bet again. Like in the step 2, we want to win our money back. Make 10 spins. Be happy if you win and change the slot or be upset if you lose and change the slot.

Note that we don’t change the bet when we win. In other words, if you double your deposit with the first step, you can withdraw the money or, if you want to keep playing, play with you initial bet value, don’t double it!

To win frequently with this strategy we need low-volatile pokies so we can get our x20-x50 multipliers more often. (1 is the best; 9 is the worst but still good)

The list of recommended games in the order of their preference
1) Blood Suckers (NetEnt)
2) Foxin Wins (NYX)
3) Esqueleto Explosivo (Thunderkick)
4) Egyptian Heroes (NetEnt)
5) Victorious (NetEnt)
6) Attraction (NetEnt)
7) Dracula (NetEnt)
8) Jack Hammer 2 (NetEnt)
9) Kings of Chicago (NetEnt)

The recommended order (so you can get from the top to the bottom of the list with a chance to win big in the end)
5) Victorious
9) Kings of Chicago
3) Esqueleto Explosivo
7) Dracula
2) Foxin Wins
8) Jack Hammer 2
6) Attraction
1) Blood Suckers
4) Egyptian Heroes

The point of the strategy is not to beat the casino in no case. The point is to let you risk and minimize the probability of a loss. Eventually, the RTP will take what it’s owed; it is likely that you’ll lose your deposit but still not so likely as when playing without any strategy.

The main problem is that when you play pokies, x20-x50 multipliers are no fun and we want to enjoy the game. So we have to play long to get big multipliers and, therefore, risk to lose our deposit; or to play longer than intended to get necessary number of spins and lose even more. That’s why your bets should be big enough, you shouldn’t be afraid to lose, and shouldn’t try to win too much.

The wonderful thing about this strategy is that most often you’ll be able only to double your deposit but, it the same time, there will be a chance to win big and that's great.

The games listed above turn cold rarely; normally, 50 spins are just enough to win at least something.


Let’s check the strategy with real money.

I deposit $100 so my first bet is $1 (1% of initial deposit); the first step goal is to win $10. I make 25 spins and double the bet ($2) if I don’t win to return back my initial balance; I make another 25 spins and repeat the same for the 3rd step if I’m unlucky again.

Start time: 5:27 pm
Victorious: 100 => 101, +1 a win at the second step
Kings of Chicago: 101 => 120, +19 at the first step
Esqueleto Explosivo: 120 => 120 skip as the game is unavalaibe at the casino
Dracula: 120 => 54, -66 paid nothing
Foxin Wins: 54 => 54 skip as the game is unavalaibe at the casino
Jack Hammer 2: 54 => 89, +35 got 20 free spins
Attraction: 89 => 100, +11 good wins and good result
Blood Suckers: 100 => 111, +11 5 of a kind two times in a row
Egyptian Heroes: 111 => 54, -55 paid nothing
Finish time: 5:52 pm

Thus, you can gamble for half an hour with this strategy.

I decided not to stop with that and keep playing. Notice that it’s not necessary to change the bet now. If I lose, let it be. One can’t earn playing pokies.

Start time: 5:55 pm
Victorious: 54 => 121, +67 5 emperors (x60) with the last bet at the second step
Kings of Chicago: 121 => 151 +30 with the first spins
Esqueleto Explosivo: 151 => 15, skip as the game is unavalaibe at the casino
Dracula: 151 => 210, +59 free spins
Foxin Wins: 210 => 210, skip as the game is unavalaibe at the casino
Jack Hammer 2: 210 => 252, +42 free spins
Attraction: 252 => 170, -82 big bet and empty spins
Blood Suckers: 170 => 174, +, empty bonus game at the first step and good free spins at the second step
Egyptian Heroes: 174 => 230, +56 free spins
Finish time: 6:20 pm

Time to order a cashout.