Mega Joker Optimal Betting Strategy: Up to 99% RTP

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You’ll find my betting strategy for the Mega Joker by NetEnt slot below. In my view, this is the best possible way to play this slot. Following this strategy, you’ll achieve about 99% in RTP which is very close to the one claimed by NetEnt. To be sure, that you'll get the highest possible RTP, try playing crypto pokies in crypto-oriented casinos.

Bet 10 coins (max bet) in the basic mode. Don’t bet 1 coin as 1-coin bet RTP is much lower.

When you enter the Supermeter mode, follow this pattern:

  1. If you have less than 100 coins, bet 40 coins as long as possible.
  2. If you have less than 40 coins, bet 20 coins. Obviously, 40-coins bet payouts are better.
  3. If you have more than 100 coins, check the exact sum you have: if you have only hundreds, proceed to the next steps; if you have hundreds and some remains, repeat 2 first steps for the remains until you have only hundreds in your Supermeter balance.
  4. Bet 200 coins whenever is possible, otherwise, bet 100 coins. It’s better to pay 200 coins for 3 possible Jokers than 100 coins for 1.
  5. Take the win when you have 1500 coins or more. Also, you can try to play up to 1700 coins as the absolute majority of payouts fall between 200 and 500 coins, and it is profitable to play with 200-coins bets.

Let’s take a closer look at some scenarios you may encounter.

You win 120 coins in the basic mode. You bet 20 coins in the Supermeter mode. If you win 100 coins with that, you can bet 200 coins which is profitable. If not, you bet 100 coins.

You have 240 coins. Start with 40-coins bet. After that you can bet 200 coins. If you start with 200-coins bet and win 2000 coins, you’ll exceed 2000 coins maximal allowed win and lose these 40 coins.

upload_2016-12-18_20-12-31 (1).png

You can see the graph above.

X-axis displays number of spins; Y-axis displays balance size in bets quantity.

3 parametric variables can describe any slot:

RTP – return to player;

Cycle length – the number of spins you need to make to see all possible combinations. We are most interested in maximal payout combinations;

Volatility – maximal payout size.

Two yellow lines display Mega Joker when you follow the above-described strategy. The payout rate is 99%, 100 before sinus means half of maximal payout (200 to 1), x / 100 in sinus means half of the cycle length (you expect to hit maximal payout roughly every 200 spins), -pi in sinus makes the yellow line to display the most negative scenario for you from the very beginning.

Straight yellow line displays mathematical expectation for Mega Joker, sinusoidal wave displays real balance. As you can see, it constantly varies as the maximal win is rather low and the cycle is short which means it is easy enough to make some profit from the beginning. You’ll lose if you continue playing but still you can make some profit and leave.

Green lines are for the low-volatility pokies, for example Guns N’ Roses. You’ll see a lot of fairly good payouts, may be some big wins in bonus games. The RTP is 97%, the maximal payout is x500 with the cycle length of 2.000 spins (This is the approximate number of spins you need to make in order to see all possible combinations).

As you can see, this slot gives you less chances to make profit. Most likely, it will give you some wins in the begging, and you’ll have a chance to withdraw it, but if you keep playing, you won’t see any other big wins because of the long cycle. The slot will simply take all the money back.

Red line is for some high-volatility slot, like Space Wars. This slot may pay much more than others, but you won’t have that many chances to spin it. Most likely, you’ll lose all your money before you see any big win. Obviously, one will hit it big but by the moment he does it, he’ll lose too much and so he won’t have a chance to make profit.

Of course, when you play any slot you have a chance to win big. First spin on Dead or Alive might bring you extremely profitable bonus game, but chances for that are really slim. At first, hundreds of players lose their money on Dead or Alive, after that a lucky player comes who wins big and shares the screenshot on the internet, in the end he loses all. If you are looking for casinos with the the highest RTP in slots, you should look at crypto-oriented platforms. Low crypto fees allow bitcoin casinos to keep high RTP in their games.

Playing low-volatility pokies with low maximal payout and high RTP, you have fair chances to win your money back or even to make some profit. Unfortunately, you can't expect any big wins. Some other player may win big, not you. It is called “low probability”.
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