How to Play Online Pokies: General Tips

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We’ve recently spotted an interesting complaint against a casino. The player accused the casino of being rigged as he made about 10 deposits but couldn’t win a thing. On closer examination it appeared that he made several $50 deposits and played with $5-10 bets. Well, it is only natural that he lost his money playing like that. We’ll take it as one of the approaches to play online pokies but don’t be surprised when you lose your money taking such risk. You might win 1 or 2 times but most often you’ll lose.

This complaint made us write some general tips for all new online slot players. Once again, it is not the way to beat casinos under no circumstances. If you are a gambling addict, you’d better close this website and go away from casinos. If you want to have some fun playing pokies but unsure if you do it right, this article will prevent you from fatal mistakes and help you increase the joy of gambling.

  • If you play low-volatility pokies, you should have at least 100 bets in your balance. In other words, if you deposit $100, you can play with $1 bets.
  • If you play high-volatility pokies, it's better to have at least 300 bets.
  • 500 bets are just enough to play extremely high-volatility pokies.
It is easy to assess the volatility. As a rule, the higher the maximum win is the higher the volatility is.
You can also assess it by the provider. Generally, pokies by NetEnt are low-volatility, Playtech and Greentube are extremely high-volatility, and Microgaming are medium-volatility.
However, there are some exceptions. If unsure, you’d better check this with our list of pokies.

Remember your balance when you start playing. If you make 50 or so bets, the slot pays nothing, and this is a low-volatility slot, it is a sign to change the game immediately.

Let’s consider an example. You deposit $600 and want to play Immortal Romance. This is a high-volatility slot and, therefore, you need 200-300 bets in your balance. You make 50 $2 bets and in 50 spins your balance falls to $550. Now you have two options: keep playing until your balance falls to $500 or change the game at once. Anyways, once your balance falls to $500, change the game.

Another example is a high-volatility slot like Dead or Alive or 300 Shields. It takes time to win anything decent in these games so the rule of 50 bets doesn't work here. Toggle autospins on, get your favorite TV series, and place them in 2 separate windows so you can see both. You may spin such pokies for the whole day long before you finally hit a big win.

When you get your deposit multiplied by 3-5, it may be better to withdraw 80% of the total won amount and change the slot provider if there is an option for that.

If you know that there is a high risk for you to cancel the withdrawal and lose the money, it’s better not to play at all until your withdrawal is processed. If you still want to play, you may try depositing to another casino. And yes, it’s better to change the casino because if you lose everything back to the same casino, you won’t get a thing, but if you lose some money playing at another casino, there will be a good chance to receive cashback or another bonus.

The last but not the least – don’t try to win too much. If you deposit $50, it’s okay to win $100 and withdraw $150. It’s totally good! We all have heard these stories about the players who can multiply their deposits by 200 or more but you’ll be always losing your money while trying to win something like that. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

P.S. And remember, you can’t win every day. If you lose your first deposit, think twice before you make another one. Yes, you might return your money back but in the same time you may lose much more than intended. Just accept it’s not a right day to play pokies and wait for better times.