VideoPokies didn't pay 30 000$ and stole all my winnings

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I played on my friends account, it's was fully verified and we don't use any bonuses. So i won around 30k$ and they consiscate my money and close my account... Account was create for this site for the streams, like many streamers use a one account..

I hope you are well.

It has come to our attention that you have breached compliance as indicated in the consumer’s terms and conditions clause 1.1 and clause 3.7 (shown below), therefore both player accounts, makdopp and so1h23i2 will be permanently closed.

Due to this, any winnings will be retained and the deposit will be refunded into the player account makdopp.

Regarding the affiliate terms and conditions, clause 3.4 (shown below) was breached. However, as a gesture of good will, affiliate account so1h23i2 will not be closed and you may continue to operate as per usual as long as a similar incident doesn’t happen again. Affiliate commission will not be affected this time round.
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Chat with VIP manager of VIdeoSLots in Twich, if it's will be needed will make a screenshot

1/17/2017, 12:21:23 PM
Kennyc_VS : Hello
Kennyc_VS : Hope youre doing well. I've looked into your account and it seems like we're still missing a few documents we requested.
1/17/2017, 12:38:53 PM
ttrcasinoru : hi
ttrcasinoru : who are you?
ttrcasinoru : ahh
Kennyc_VS : My name is Kenny, i work for Videopokies. I'm the Head Of VIP.
ttrcasinoru : you are from VideoPokies
Kennyc_VS : i am indeed mate.
ttrcasinoru : it's actually my friends account
ttrcasinoru : we play togethet
ttrcasinoru : did u see our stream?
ttrcasinoru :
Kennyc_VS : Yeah i saw the video
Kennyc_VS : Fun stuff!
ttrcasinoru : so we waiting when will be ok and resume to play
ttrcasinoru : is it possible to increase the maximum limits?
Kennyc_VS : Which limit do you refer to?
ttrcasinoru : i don't known
Kennyc_VS : :)
Kennyc_VS : hard for me to help then mate
ttrcasinoru : i have 2 million eur on my skrill account)
ttrcasinoru : so)
ttrcasinoru : :)
ttrcasinoru : actually we plane to play in various casinos
1/17/2017, 12:42:30 PM
ttrcasinoru : because i am promote new website
ttrcasinoru :
ttrcasinoru : will be create if you can share someone who can reply in this topic
Kennyc_VS : Haha i see
ttrcasinoru : and i will play u at top1 of our rating)
Kennyc_VS : so you want to increase the deposit/withdrawal limit then?
ttrcasinoru : on slotrunners
ttrcasinoru : yeah
ttrcasinoru : about 100k$
ttrcasinoru : now is 40?
Kennyc_VS : 30.
Kennyc_VS : Will have a look
Kennyc_VS : however, i need to speak to the owner of the account to be able to do anything, due to safety reasons.
ttrcasinoru : yeah, sure
ttrcasinoru : he is sleep now i think)
Kennyc_VS : Can you please email me to [email protected] - from the email registered on the account, and the account holder.
ttrcasinoru : ok
ttrcasinoru : i will say him to do it
ttrcasinoru : what kind of docments are missing now?
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