What You Need to Know About Mobile Pokies

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When you navigate to any website on your mobile, you expect to be able to access all of the information that’s on there, even if the way it’s presented is slightly different. This remains the case for online casinos; while many punters are likely to be predominately familiar with the desktop version of a casino, all casinos should offer the ability to play various types of casino games on the go.

In many cases, playing mobile pokies is as simple as navigating to your chosen casino on your phone and choosing to play a game. However, some online casinos may want you to log in before you can start to play, even if you’re only looking to play some free pokies.

This is one of the bigger divides when it comes to mobile pokies, because while plenty will be happy to sign in and use their account balance to play, it puts a hurdle in the way of those who are unfamiliar with the casino, don’t have an account, or simply were looking for an easy way to kill some time. What’s more, often the only way to know if sign in is required one way or the other is to try it yourself, which can be a deflating experience if there’s a slot machine you’d really like to try out.

Even if you can access an online pokie, there’s no indication whether or not it may work on mobile. More recent games are often designed to be mobile pokies, and so they are coded in HTML5, which is the current hardware standard. Older pokie games are likely to be programmed in Adobe Flash, which requires a separate plug-in to work and is not supported on either Android or iOS devices. Again, there is typically no way to know if any particular slot game will be able to run on mobile in advance, so you’ll need to test various pokie games to see what works on your device.

Lastly, if you are playing outside of wi-fi range, you should note that playing mobile pokies does take up data, especially when playing with real money. We don’t anticipate that this will be a problem for most Australians, but depending on your mobile service provider, there may be areas with poor connectivity where you find yourself unable to play any pokies.