6 Ways to Avoid Playing After a Big Win

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Have you ever won a lot, boasted about it to your friend or family and lost everything in the next few hours? Hopefully not, but that’s what happens to thousands of gamblers every day. The most difficult part is not about winning money, it is about saving it.

Some casinos delay withdrawals on purpose for the players to lose their winnings. We don’t recommend our visitors to play at such casinos. However, it may take hours and, in rare cases, days to withdraw the money even from good casinos. That’s when many players lose what they won. If you know that you may cancel the withdrawal, it’s better to keep you mind occupied with something else. Hopefully, this article will help you to save your money.

1. Self-Exclusion

All fair casinos offer its players the self-exclusion option and this is the first thing to be done if you want to save your money. Most often, the option is available in your account settings. Set the number of hours or days you want to be excluded from playing. Sometimes there is no button for that, then you’ll need to contact the casino support and ask them to exclude you from playing. When the self-exclusion is enabled, you don’t have access to any real-money games. Don’t ask the casino support to cancel it, they have strict instructions regarding that.

2. Video Games

Video Games seem to be the right option for many gamblers due to their way of life. Play your favorite game for a couple of hours to cool yourself down.

We would suggest a popular card game Hearthstone as an option. The Arena is just a brilliant way to occupy gambler’s mind. We don’t recommend playing ladder as it is more about grinding the levels than about fun. The Arena has a number of advantages for a gambler:

  • You have to pay the entry fee. The price is as low as $1.99 USD, €1.49 EUR, or £1.49 GBP, which is nothing compared to the hundreds or thousands you may have in your casino account balance awaiting approval. But still you play with money, which makes this game more entertaining for any gambler;
  • It’s a combination of luck and skill. Unlike at the ranked mode, you get random cards each time you enter the Arena. It makes the game more varied and brings something we all like about the casino games – the luck;
  • Competition. A desire for competition is another reason why we gamble. Video games can be even more competitive than casino games.

3. Sports and Strict Diet

Sports is another kind of competition invented by the mankind. But if you prefer individual spots, it would work as well. The idea here is to get exhausted. Generally, it helps to reduce inconsequential thoughts of all kinds. Moreover, if you don’t do any sports at the moment, it may be just the right time to begin. While you are excited by the win, it will be easier for you to start. Many gamblers don’t lead healthy lives and a good win can always become a reason to change something in your life.

Not exhausted enough and want to return back to gambling? Go back to gym, your trainer has more exercises for you.

Now the diet. Indeed, glucose starvation activates your survival mechanisms causing changes in your attitude and values. If you don’t believe that, read Hatchet, a novel by Gary Paulsen about a boy who crash-landed in the forest and had to survive there with nothing to eat. Gambling will look like a not worthy occupation while you’ll be feeling yourself motivated enough to do some things you really want to do.

Together with sports, diet may become the first step to your new life without losing the money. However, practice this only if you have no medical constraints and learn more about that from the sources you trust.

4. Go Out or Take a Trip

It may be enough for you just to go out and visit the place you enjoy to be at, be it movies or a pub. However, don’t celebrate your win too much if you don’t want to be surprised when you see zeros in your balance the next morning.

If you are a highroller and your win allows you to do that, you might like to take a cruise or relax at a resort, especially, taking into account that even good casinos don’t always cash out large amounts at once.

In both cases, it is important to limit your access to gambling which might be a challenging task as, nowadays, everybody can access casinos with mobile devices.

5. Make a Financial Plan

It’s always good to win money and it’s even better to spend it for whatever you like. Make a plan of purchases you want to make with it. However, don’t exceed the amount you have or the desire to win more may get intensified.

Unfortunately, sometimes gambling causes debts. Of course, if it goes that far, it is better not to play at all. But if a gambler still plays and wins, the best thing he can do is settle his debts at once.

6. Remember How Bad It Feels to Lose

We all like to win and nobody wants to lose. However, this is an integrant part of gambling. Remember the feeling when you win a lot and lose even more after that. It may be hard because our memory tries to erase any negative memories but still it may prevent you from making another bet.

These are just a few ways which can help you save the money you win. We believe our visitors have their own tips as sometimes the temptation to win more is too great to overcome. Please, share any of your ideas with us in the comments.