“Our” definition of “Fair and Safe” Casinos

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'Fair and safe' casinos are those that meet all criteria for 'fair' casinos and have also implemented measures that prevent players from accidentally doing something against the rules or their own best interests.

'Fair and safe' casinos should therefore prevent players from accidentally breaking the terms and conditions (T&Cs), Bonus T&Cs or doing anything else that might jeopardize the money in their player accounts. Specifically, 'fair and safe' casinos should:
  • Enforce maximum bet sizes, restricted games and other bonus conditions;

  • Warn players when they are about to do something against their best interests (for example taking another bonus that would void winnings from the previous one);

  • Check for multiple accounts at account creation.

If you are playing at a 'fair and safe' casino, you should only need to follow these rules:
  • Only use your own name and correct personal details (address, contact information, etc.) when creating a casino account;

  • Only use payment methods (bank accounts, credit cards, etc.) held under your own name;

  • When taking advantage of a bonus, be aware that there are certain rules in place for bonus play. These are described in detail in the bonus T&Cs;

  • Don't take advantage of software bugs if you encounter any.