Gamebeat crypto slots provider!

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Gamebeat is a young and ambitious developer of Bitcoin slots from Cyprus. To date, the studio has released 18 games that will fit any appetite due to the unique atmosphere and first-class graphics. Their method follows a systematic approach based on research and conception with a focus on unique gambling experience solutions.

The main advantages of Gamebeat:

HTML5 with WebGL
High-speed emulation makes their games compatible across all platforms and screen sizes.

High frame rates (fps)
Their high-efficiency graphics engine provides a faster, smoother gaming experience and a lower CPU load.

Low battery usage
Their games reduce battery load, allowing longer play times.

Server support
Their remote game server supports all game mechanics with a full solution and back office integration.

Fast loading
Their priority loading and art compression system delivers record-setting load times, giving a seamless entertainment experience.

Mobile compatibility
Their games reduce battery load, allowing longer play times. Also their games are optimized for the best experience over a wide range of devices, from low-end mobiles to the premium flagships.

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