Hidden and predatory rules in an Online Casino (3)

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To better illustrate hidden and predatory rules and to help you understand them, you can find some examples of these unfair practices below.

  • Max win based on deposited amount
“If a player's accumulated deposit amount does not exceed 200€, player will be entitled only up to X10 last deposit. This maximum payout will be enforced also in cases where the player made additional deposits which were deemed at the sole discretion of the Casino to have been made in order to exceed the 200€ accumulated deposit amount.”


"In case where the Withdrawal exceeds 10 x the amount of the initial Deposit, the rest of the amount will be canceled and the balance will drop to 0."

These two examples are clearly unfair towards players. It doesn't make sense to limit the amount that players can withdraw if they aren't playing with a bonus. We accept bonus Terms and Conditions (T&Cs )that restrict the maximum cash out from a bonus play, but because the examples above are not related to bonuses, they are clearly unfair and predatory.

  • Hiding rules in FAQs or other places
"By using and/or visiting any section of the website (casino hidden); or by opening an account on the website You agree to be bound by: Terms and Conditions; Privacy Policy; Responsible Gaming, FAQ, Any game rules; Bonus Terms and Conditions, special campaigns and tournaments ran on the website."

As already mentioned, all rules that players need to follow should be grouped together in the T&Cs. Some exceptions are understandable, such as bonus T&Cs, the privacy policy, etc., but hiding rules in FAQs where nobody expects to find them is clearly unfair and deceptive.

  • Canceling winnings exceeding the withdrawal limit
"Maximum Withdrawal Approved per Month: 3000€
In the event that the withdrawal exceeds this amount, the rest of the amount will be canceled, and the balance will drop to 0."

Ignoring the fact that the withdrawal limit in this example is too low, the second statement is much more outraging. It's one thing to only pay out a certain amount to the player per month, but it's something completely different (and extremely predatory) to withhold all money over this limit if a player asks for a higher withdrawal.