Win limits in an Online Casino (1)

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Some casinos enforce win limits that only allow players to win a limited amount of money in one game round or within a predefined period of time. Win limits can be calculated and applied in various ways:
  • Win in a game round: A limited win in a game round allows players to only win a certain amount in one slot machine spin, one roulette spin or in one game round on any other type of game.

  • Total sum of wins within a time period: This type of win limit is applied to the total sum of individual wins over a certain period of time (most commonly one day). Losses are not taken into account.

  • Net win within a time period: These limit the total amount players can win in a certain period of time (most commonly one day). Loses are also considered.
Apart from the various types of win limits, each casino approaches the entire issue differently. Some casinos might apply a win limit right after a win, while others might start dealing with the issue only after a player asks for a withdrawal.

For example, if a casino has a win limit of 100000€ in a single game round, and a player manages to win 150000€ in a very successful slot machine bonus round, they are only entitled to keep 100000€, whereas the rest (50000€) will be kept by the casino. However, if players looking for higher limits, then it's better to check the best casinos with bitcoin.

In some jurisdictions, win limits are required by local laws and regulations. In these cases, casinos cannot do anything about it if they wish to keep their license and operate legally.