Monopoly big baller winning strategy

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Playing Strategies and Tactics for Monopoly Big Baller Strategy
Monopoly Big Baller is all about making lines and getting the bonus rounds. You win payouts for completed lines and entry to the bonus rounds, which offer the opportunity for big multiplier payouts.

The decisions the player (you) needs to make are:

  1. The type of cards to choose.
  2. How many cards to bet?
  3. Whether to bet on the bonus rounds.
  4. Whether to bet on one or both Bonus rounds.
  5. How much to bet?
I base the information and tips here on logic, common sense and what I’ve found works for me when I’ve played.

These tips are not guaranteed to make you win; it’s gambling. These tips and strategies will allow you to have fun while playing and stop you from doing anything stupid that would make you lose quickly.

Anyone telling you they have a winning strategy for MONOPOLY Big Baller is not being honest with you.

Which Cards Should You Play?

Let’s ignore the Bonus cards and concentrate on the Free Space and Chance Cards.

Both cards offer something different.

  • The Free Space card has a free space in the centre of the card. The free space impacts four lines on the card, with each one only needing four numbers to complete a line.
  • The Chance Card has a centre cell with a guaranteed multiplier, so four lines will attract the multiplier if complete.
Both card types can receive additional Free Spaces and Multipliers, so it may not matter what you pick.

As there are four cards, you can choose the mix you have. They can all be one type, or you can mix and match. If you’re playing four cards, a good mix is two and two; you get the best of both worlds.

I put more weight on the free space cards because without completing lines, you win nothing. Reducing the odds of doing that seems the most sensible approach, so I play three Free Space Cards and one Chance Card.

How to Play The Bonus Round Cards

Let’s face it; you’re playing MONOPOLY Big Baller mainly to play the bonus rounds. But if you’re not fussed about getting the rare 250x + wins, you could do as well by not playing the bonus cards.

The main cards have some excellent payouts with multipliers and will come in more frequently than one of the bonus rounds.

A strategy that avoids the bonus rounds means you are likely to maintain your bankroll roller and maybe turn a profit – BUT – It won’t be as much fun!

The strategy for the Bonus Cards is to PLAY THEM BOTH! No more explanation is needed.

The Three Rolls Card requires three numbers, and the Five Rolls Card requires four numbers.

They both qualify for multipliers and random free spaces. So it’s a no-brainer in my book.

Do You Play All Cards Or Just A Few?

Playing all the cards increases the odds of getting completed lines, but it also costs more than just playing a few.

The trade-off is more chances for a higher wager vs fewer chances for less money.

I advise playing two, then three, then four, and tracking how much you laid out for each and what your return was. Do this for a minimum of 20 rounds each. You’ll get a rough idea of the ideal number of cards to play.

I play all four cards.

How You Should Spread Your Bets

Let me start by saying that you shouldn’t bet more than 10% of your bankroll in each game round.

The worst-case scenario is you have ten losing rounds and bust out before you get into the game.

I like to start with a bankroll that gives me 25 rounds. I work out how much I can bet each game for 25 games by dividing 25 into my total.

I distribute more money to the Bingo Cards and less to the Bonus Cards. I use a ratio of 5:1.

I place one unit on each card and 0.20 on each bonus round, giving me a total bet of 4.40.

To break even, I must get four lines across all the cards. That’s the base, without any multipliers. If I get multipliers, I’m in profit.

You can adjust the figures accordingly to suit your bankroll.

In this example, my bankroll is 110 units.

Of course, you can play just the Bonus Rounds or shift the wagering emphasis to the Bonus rounds. You’re likely to lose more than you win doing this, though. It’s a shame the streamers don’t show you their full session details when they get their big wins!

MONOPOLY Big Baller Strategy Recap
To Recap my playing strategy.

  • I play all the Bingo and Bonus cards.
  • I play 3 Free Space Cards and one Chance Card.
  • I use a 5:1 multiplier for making bets between the Bonus and Bingo Cards. i.e. I have five more chip values on a bingo card than on a Bonus Card. With a £110 starting bankroll, it’s one on each bingo card and 0.20 on each bonus card. My total bet for each game is £4.40.