Recommendations to play at 'fair and safe' casinos

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Ideally, when playing at 'fair and secure' top bitcoin casinos, players should make sure they provide correct information when registering. The same applies to payment methods, which should be made in the player's name.

When taking advantage of a bonus offer, players should read the bonus terms and conditions so they know what they are getting into. Lastly, players should not exploit bugs in the software if they encounter any:
  • In 'fair and safe' casinos, players don't have to worry about breaking the maximum bet rule because it is enforced by the casino's system, which prevents players from placing a higher than allowed bet. Players also don't have to worry about accidentally creating a duplicate account because the casino's system will notice it and inform the player about the possibility of already having an account.
  • If you receive a bonus from the casino, it is wise to read its bonus terms and conditions, even if the casino is 'fair and safe'. In 'fair and safe' casinos, you shouldn't have to worry about playing a restricted game or betting more than the maximum bet rule allows; however, other rules might be in place.
  • For deposits and withdrawals, you should only use bank accounts and credit cards held in your own name. If you don't do this, you might get into trouble when making a withdrawal. This rule is mostly in place to prevent credit card misuse and also because of international anti-money-laundering regulations.
  • Lastly, players should never take advantage of bugs in software or other system malfunctions and imperfections.
In an ideal world, players with good intentions shouldn't have to worry about anything. Unfortunately, the vast majority of casinos can't be described as 'fair and safe', so players have to be reasonably careful when playing at them.