Roshtein - fake casino streamer confirmed!

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So yeah, recently i saw a short article about some fuckup rosh did on stream. Now I know casinodaddy and many others are legit, but this guy? I've been watching him for a long time and there has Always been something fishy, the links to the videos are here

In this vid you can see he clicks 'practice' to show the mode, which somehow shows his current balance. He then quickly logs out 'accidentally' and tries to show it offline, but it wont work. also seems very nervous and stalling for time to see how the f to get out of the situation. ive also checked other thread about this, and it seems that since this normally doesn't happen and he was surprised to show his balance there that he has some demo account. it displays real money, but it is absolutely worthless. Currently, Roshtein plays in a Stake casino and streams on platform.

In this vid he desperately tries to save/explain it or something but it seems like hes completely out of it.

Also the viewbotting i'm not sure about, but the guy has a pretty good article about it can see it here

other facts to consider ive noticed overtime:

* Super anonymous online, cant be found anywere and doesnt share much about his business
* doesnt often show his desktop or even the casino lobby or whatever, and only plays on a few casinos, not very big ones either
* gets insane bonuses that casino shouldnt be able to afford?? Have heard other streamers lost bonuses when they do like 20-30k cashouts on big sites, and he sits there cashing out 100k a week without maxbet or max cashout with a 500% bonus
* reactions seem not very genuine or over the top

Where is Roshtein Streaming now?