TTR and TTR Partners

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Hey guys, TTR is here.

So today I got a message from CasinoDaddy:
[20:34:48] CasinoDaddy:
[20:34:58] CasinoDaddy: You are on list
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As you might see there is an affiliate named TTR Partners and I must say this is not the first time people asking me about it. I want to state this clear and loud: I have absolutely no affiliation whatsoever to TTR Partners, it’s 32Red casino partnership program and has exactly zero connection to me or my nickname “TTR”.

So if you ever hear about TTR Partners, just know that I have nothing to do with them :D

P. S.
I find this coincidence quite bizarre, considering that my nickname has more than a decade of internet history now and TTR Partners appeared just 2 years ago.