Why Gambling Arbitrage Websites Do More Harm Than Good

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Hi guys, this is TTR. I'd like to highlight an important topic in this article.

All of you know such websites as Casinomeister, ThePogg, Askgamblers. These websites (with the exception of Askgamblers) used to be pillars of justice. If we go back a few years and look at the casino industry, we’ll see it was absolute trash. Payout delays, scamming etc. Casinomeister appeared in this period and started to choose good casinos, solve players’ problems etc. Soon these websites got crowded by abusers. Before we continue, take a look at a common player. If a casino delays his payout, he loses the money and leaves a negative review. Such players don’t make complaints often because they just don’t care.

Let’s assume this player uses, for example, Askgamblers. He loses his money, leaves negative reviews and closes the website. What do Askgamblers do in their turn? Right. They delete this review because they have the worst review system in the whole world. They do the same to complaints and do nothing to the bitcoin casinos but that’s not the point.

We were talking about abusers. What do abusers do? Right, they find leaks in casino system for their actions to be in full accordance with casino rules and make complaints using above-mentioned websites. I’m not exaggerating when I say that about 90% of all complaints are made by abusers. The majority of common players don’t even bother to read the rules, let alone complaints.

And from the perspective of a casino owner. I had a lot of talks with casino owners and managers and they all are ready to confirm my words that all gambling arbitrage websites, including Casinomeister, ThePogg, Askgamblers, don’t bring common players but tons of abusers.

It turns out that these websites don’t help players, they help ABUSERS! And after all they take high marketing compensations from casino owners by selling positions in their tops.

What to do, you ask? I’ll give my answer – use only fair casino websites which don’t have such complaint system and don’t reject your complaint if you are not willing to spend the whole weekend to write it instead of having fun with your friends or family, or, at least, playing damn pokies.

Let’s skip the pleasantries and get to the point. When choosing a casino, you should follow 2 crucial criteria or a block of criteria.

1. Things which can be easily rated: software, withdrawal processing times, support, licenses, design and usability.

2. Reviews.

There is no other way. You can’t rate a casino by complaints and the number of complaints, the way Askgamblers do that. I was trying to explain that their rating is a bullshit for like half an hour at the exhibition in Berlin, but nobody even cares. The things they care about are how to get more money from new casinos and bring them another load of abusers.

As I have mentioned, we have 2 blocks of criteria. The first one is reflected in casino rating; the second is just a general impression of a casino. The perfect format for reviews is a forum with casino representatives. Any player should be granted an opportunity to leave any rating he wants without explaining the reason for that, even if his rating is 2. It’s clear that many players will be leaving negative ratings when they lose money but they have every right to do that.

Besides, the website should have fair blacklist. If a casino ignores a complaint from a player who won a large sum, this is the reason to put the casino to the blacklist instantly. Let’s go back to my favorite Askgamblers. They promote Casino Cruise, another scam casino which scammed a player for more than $100.000 and had nothing to answer to his complaint. So what do you think? Obviously, the casino wasn't taken away from Askgamblers website and Askgamblers continues to make money in partnership with it. Why not? It is to their advantage that the casino scammed this player because the money wasn’t counted from the affiliate program.

I’m not sure if you understand what I’m trying to say but I’m finishing Slotrunners rating system and you’ll see everything with your own eyes soon. I have only deep respect for Casinomeister and ThePogg, but they have become a lair of abusers, not a place for common players. In the same time, Askgamblers is a whore taking fees from new casinos and selling all kinds of anal sex advertisements at its website.

The time has come to use fair websites made by players for players. For example, many well-known streamers have their own website like aboutpokies.com or https://casinogrounds.com/.

Use fair websites for communication, not commercial dumps.

p.s. I think any websites encouraging no deposit bonus discussions are fraudsters who breed notorious abusers and do harm to the whole industry.