Unbelievable Upswing at TTRCasino – From $43 to $38,000

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Following Denis’ huge win, mr_gateau, another player of TTRCasino, did the imposible: he turned $43 into almost $40,000!

Denis turned €1,500 into €150,000. Mr_gateau set new record for the multiplier. The player shared screenshots of his winning on the casino’s forum and he was kind to share with us detailed version of the events.

Here is what he told us:

Good evening! I have already shared a couple of words on the forum. I am a loyal reader of the forum so I don’t often write anything. But this time I’ve got an unbelievable story for you – from $43 deposit to 10,000 cashout and I still have 28,000 in my casino account.

Probably, you’ve seen some of my big win screenshots I posted on the forum in 2015 and 2016. I tried to play at high stakes.

This time I had a couple of free hours and a pittance in my card account ($43) so I decided to lose it quickly. I started with Divine Fortune and had 100 in account after a while.

The impetus was the bonus game in Casanova. As I recall, I won 300 or more with 2.70 bet. And then the swing began. Long-lasting and hard. Eventually, I got crystals in Space Wars with 40 bet and my account exceeded 16,000. I requested withdrawal of 10k and had my account verified. “Remaining” 6k turned into a long play. Now I was going up to 12k, now back. Then I turned to mayhem – Space Wars with $180 bets – true classic.

I had less than 1,000 left when the crystals landed on the reels. Only 2 lines but that was enough to get over 19k. I played a bit more to 18k, then lost 1,500 or so in Divine Fortune… and then Starburst – 2 wild reels with BARs and one more time with regular symbols with $80 bet resulted in 9,700 win. And I played a little more. In total, now I have 28,000 in my account. That’s how 43 dollars and TTR casino made my day. Play and believe in yourself.

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Our sincere congratulations to the winner!