Roshtein - why, where, what?

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Twitch introduced a ban on crypto casinos including Stake, Roobet, Duelbits, and Rollbit on Tuesday, resulting in an eye-watering decrease in viewer figures. In a short stint between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, slot viewers dropped more than 97%. The number fell from 80,949 at 11.59pm on Tuesday to 3,225 at 7am on Wednesday.

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  • Slot category viewership fell 97% as a ban on casinos such as Stake came into effect Wednesday
  • Trainwreck, Roshtein, and Xposed each took to Twitch for one last slot session this week
  • Roshtein streamed a meet up with Drake in which the rapper won $12m+ from one roulette spin
  • Slot streamers have shared their disapproval of the ban, while others have welcomed it