Roshtein’s Net Worth

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f you’re looking for casino streamers to follow, then without a doubt, Roshtein should be on your list. One of the top slot streamers with more 865k followers on Twitch, Roshtein is one of the most entertaining and highly ranked streamers.

Where is Roshtein now?

Arriving on the scene in the early streaming days of 2015, Roshtein is the alias of Ishmael Swartz from Sweden. The name is a nod to the infamous American gambler and kingpin of the same name from the 1800s.

Other than an infectiously warm personality underneath his long hair and hat, this streamer is known for betting big. Roshtein’s bet size usually starts at 1,000 Euros a spin and then it goes steadily up from there.

His breakthrough came in 2015, when he managed to pick up a win of 5,000 Euros followed by another 900 Euro just a few minutes later. Today, he has roughly 3.8 million views per month and is famous for his high stakes and big wins.

Roshtein Banned from Twitch
Roshtein has been banned from Twitch, as of August 17, 2021. It’s not really obvious why he got banned, but it seems that he might have violated the platform’s terms. Twitch had just changed its terms the week before concerning gambling links. The ban for Roshtein was short and temporary though. He was back online and streaming the next day!

It’s not the first time a popular streamer has been banned from Twitch though. Another gaming streamer, Adin Ross, has been banned no less than four times for streaming while driving.

Roshtein Games
Slots are Roshtein’s battleground of choice, but are there any specific games that he spins on? As always, it’s a Yes and No answer. Being a top international streamer, Roshtein does play a range of games from high variance slots to lower volatility games to appeal to diverse audiences.

However, he obviously has some favourites. Fruit Party, a slot game in which he collected his highest win to date, remains one of his go-tos. It’s also one of the most entertaining streams to watch since there are plenty of roller coaster up and downs when you combine the slot’s volatility with Roshtein’s signature high stakes.

f you want to tune in to one of Roshtein’s streams, then the surest platform is Twitch. You’ll find that it’s one of the top Twitch streams and you’ll see it immediately along with the schedule. While Rosh doesn’t play at fixed times per se, you will see that he’s usually on in the afternoons and evenings, building up to some serious play around 8pm. That’s Swedish time of course, where this casino star is located.

Alternatively, you can find some Roshtein videos on Youtube, where he uploads one or two videos per day. At Youtube you will find short clips from his Twitch Streams with his biggest bets, his highest wins and a lot more action.

Roshtein Casinos
So where does the infamous Roshtein like to play? While this streamer used to hop around different crypto casinos like Roobet, he now plays exclusively at Stake. Stake has become one of the top places to play for many streamers, with its awesome games and lively community.

The community at Stake is one of the top reasons why many players have become loyal Stake fans. Unlike traditional online casinos where gaming was mostly a solo adventure, Stake has in game chat features on top of an active forum, making it a great place to hang out. And streamers like Rosh know that community is what it’s all about.

Roshtein’s Net Worth
Most internet celebs don’t like to advertise their wealth publicly, and Twitch stars are no exception. Still, everyone is curious as to how much money Roshtein makes, given his insane number of followers. It’s hard to say exactly, but we can make some calculated guesses. Youtube usually pays somewhere between $3 to $5 per 1,000 views. His videos typically accumulate over 100k views. This would get him a few hundred dollars per video, so it’s pretty much peanuts for this high roller.

Most of his income we’re guessing comes from his partnerships with casinos. We don’t know the exact deal he’s cut, but he could be paid a fee to play at certain casinos. Or be given massive bonuses that he can use during his streams, the winnings from which he can keep a part of. Or he might be working as an affiliate. It’s all quite hard to say.

But let’s say he gets paid $120 per player that goes to a casino through him. For simplicity’s sake, let’s say has around 908,000 followers. If ¼ of them plays goes to a casino through Roshtein, then it adds up to roughly $27.00 million.