Transparency in an Online Casino

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What information casinos should share with players?

  • The return to player (RTP) of available games: The RTP of the game is arguably the most important mathematical characteristic of each casino game. It tells players which games are better and which are worse for them from a mathematical point of view.

  • Game and account history logs: Giving players the possibility to look into their game history and find out how much money they have won or lost over time is a very welcome tool, but, unfortunately, not many casinos do this the right way.

Not all bitcoin casinos want to make information such as RTP and account history easily available to players because it lets players know how much money they can expect to lose (RTP) and how much money they've already lost or won (history logs). If a player realizes how much money they've lost over time may give up playing, at least for a while.

Not all players care about their account history or the RTP of the games they play, but many do. Making this information readily available enables them to make good decisions regarding which games to play and whether they should be playing at all.

The history log is important as a responsible gambling tool as well because it lets players know how much money they have lost or won over time. It's very likely for frequent players to have lost more money than they've won since opening their account, but they generally don't remember this clearly and may underestimate their overall losses. This is why it's important for them to be able to get the actual numbers.

All players should know the RTP of the games that they are playing. In a fair casino this information should be available as easily as possible. Similarly, players should be able to access their account history and see how much money they've lost or won since opening their account.