Fair casinos

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A 'fair casino' is an online casino that:
  • Pays out all legitimate winnings
  • Doesn't have any unfair clauses in their Terms and Conditions (T&Cs)
  • Doesn't use any deceitful practices to trick players
  • Enforces restricted countries (doesn’t allow players from them to create an account or play from a restricted country) and restricted bonuses (only gives bonuses to eligible players)
Even casinos with fair rules and good approaches to gambling can sometimes be tricky for players. In some cases, players might not be aware of certain rules and break them accidentally despite the rules themselves being fair in our opinion. This is why we believe all rules should be technologically enforced by the casinos to stop players getting into trouble on accident.

What does the term "technologically enforced rules" mean? It means that if a casino has, for example, a maximum bet limitation of 5€ when playing with bonus money, it shouldn't allow players to place bets higher than 5€. The casino's system shouldn't accept any bets higher than that, which would mean players wouldn't be able to accidentally break a rule that they might not be aware of.