Players Self-exclusions

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Players have the ability to self-exclude themselves from playing at a certain casino as a part of responsible gambling practices. By using this feature, the players let the casino know that they don't want to be allowed to play during a certain period of time.

In general, this decision cannot be reversed; the player must wait until the exclusion period is over before he can play again. Some casinos allow players to cancel their self-exclusion after a cooling-off period, and some allow players to cancel their self-exclusion instantly, which is strictly against responsible gaming principles.

Some casinos that operate as part of a larger group, state in their Terms and Conditions (T&C) that after self-exclusion at one casino, players should also not be able to play at other casinos in that group. While this rule makes perfect sense, its application may be problematic due to the difficulty of implementation. However casinos should have their own software under control and be able to protect players in this way.

However, while the self-exclusion of a player makes perfect sense, there are casinos that claim they cannot fully implement this rule, and others that do not even provide this feature at all. In case of no KYC casinos online, you can self-exclude easily, but also you can create another account. In that case, it's better to use software that blocks your access to gambling site.

Players facing gambling problems need the option of self-exclusion as their gambling habits have gotten out of control. If a player wants to gamble during their self-exclusion period, it is likely that this may be against their interests. Therefore, the self-exclusion process should be as easy as possible for the player. Tools designed to help problem gamblers should be easy to use, in order to avoid players being discouraged from using them when necessary.

The self-exclusion policy should be strict. If a gambler requests to be excluded, the casino should not allow them to play until the pre-determined period has expired. In a fair casino, under no circumstances should a player be allowed to cancel his self-exclusion without a cooling-off period. Ideally, you would not be able to cancel at all.

In a fair, player-friendly casino, if the casino is part of a group of casinos, players should be made aware of this when they self-exclude. Ideally, players should have the option to self-exclude from a single casino or self-exclude from all of them.