What should be done when a player abuses bonuses (1)

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If a casino identifies a bonus abuser, it is their right to exclude them from any future promotional offers or to ban them from playing in the casino altogether going forward. However, it is not acceptable to cancel the winnings they have already accumulated.

Lets take a look at few examples of unfair rules and how related issues should be handled instead, in order to provide a fair, user-friendly gambling experience.
  • Example 1
“If it appears that you are participating or attempting to participate in promotional abuse irregular play strategies, we have the right to freeze your account until the matter is resolved. If it is found that you are engaging in any of these activities, we reserve the right to block your account and cut all funds in the account.”

It is not fair to cancel a player's winnings who has not done anything illegal. Of course, closing the player's account is acceptable, but only after all winnings have been paid out. Therefore, this situation should be handled by paying out the player's winnings, which can be followed either by blocking the player from receiving any further promotional offers and bonuses or by closing the player's account.
  • Example 2
“It is strictly prohibited to engage in any promotion abuse. This includes, but is not limited to: moving from high-risk betting to low-risk betting after a big win for the purpose of clearing wagering requirements.”

The fact that the casino is prohibiting promotion abuse is unfair in and of itself, but we will focus on the second part of the clause here. To start off, players should be able to play in whatever way they wish, as long as they follow other bonus rules, such as maximum bet. This rule is meant to deter bonus hunters, but it influences recreational players the most. These are the ones that are worried that they might lose their winnings, so they often decrease their bets after a win. True bonus hunters do not mind an increased variance. They focus mostly on their expected value, which is not affected by this betting pattern. However, this example doesn't appeal to anonymous casinos, as they use more player-side rules.

Instead of rules like these, casinos should focus on setting the wagering requirements, maximum bet, game contribution, and other bonus rules in a way that makes it more difficult or even impossible for players to abuse their bonuses.